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Searl at the National Championships bibin into the 4 small tesheng Murphy will fight Ding Junhui Selby reached the semi-finals of the sina sports news Beijing time on the night of October 27th, the 2016 international snooker tournament ended the last two 14 finals, ranked first in the world – Mark Selby 6-3 victory over veteran Joe Perry, ranked second in the world, Stewart Bingham and Michael Holt played the opponent over 11 Bureau, the tiebreaker victory, two people will join in the semi-finals, for a place in the final. The game begins at half past seven and at night, Selby and Perry to feel is not good, the first game back and forth in the continuous failure, both sides hit a fatal mistake when 30-30 Selby sent opportunity, Perry started 64-30 to win the first game. The second game of Selby scored first ball started, however in the attack the ball after ball drill into the reactor, then transferred to the defense, a defense after Selby once again started pole 132 distinguish Taiwan equaliser. The third game of Selby scored the red after didn’t call a ball, two rounds of competition defense, defense after Perry will be a red ball hit the bottom bag, Selby scored the ball to hit a single shot 127 points again to clear the table, the score to 2-1. Fourth and Selby first started, scored 50 points into the defense, the ball type range, all the red pile near the bottom base position, a few rounds long after the final Selby 72-0 to clinch a bureau, will expand the score to 3-1. A short rest period after the game continued, Perry started the first fifth games scored 38 points after the ball into the red pile attack defense, the two sides each into a red ball, Selby into the red ball is different to defense, but Perry chose to attack the basketball at the bottom of the bag, it is not difficult to basketball at the bottom of the bag has not scored the opportunity for the opponent, Selby scored 62 points to win the score to 4-1. Sixth after kick-off Selby attack far red then scored 43 points into the defense, Perry did not call to storm the red hand ball, helpless continue to defend Selby to find the opportunity to win 68-1, the score became 5-1, Selby holding a match point. The seventh inning Perry get started to get defensive after the first 8 points, after a few fouls in the meantime, Perry once again to get started with 84-0 to recover a game. The eighth game of Perry offensive in the red at the bottom of the bag into the red, parked in the bag, Selby scored the red after top bag Basketball Offensive mistakes, both sides began a round of defense, after Perry lost the ball bag left behind the opportunity to attack, Selby started only 4 points once again interrupted, after long time stalemate Perry started to hit a single shot 86 points and then pull a board, the score to 3-5. Start the ninth stage both sides in a long time the defense, during which Perry and 24-6 lead, then Selby scored a red ball after snooker, Perry solution ball will red solution, but then attack the ball mistakes, Selby started to get 47-24 up again the defense, Selby two people in the ball for a long time after the last stage of entanglement gradually take the initiative in the final 64-45 score will be fixed in 6-3, reaching the semi-finals. At the same time as Bingham’s game against Holt, a game)相关的主题文章: