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Senior Black: national football coach Paul set Manchester final a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment of Coach – Sohu sports   all black silk Hello ~ senior black today by the Jing bring ~ words have a colleague about micro channel with the leadership, in the circle of friends to show a few scenery infinite blue sky travel photos. The first sentence is " "   thank you sir; sleep together in a couple of days ago and my mother: Mom spoiled prompted by a sudden impulse, tell me a story, can’t sleep. " once there was a little white rabbit, who didn’t fold the quilt, didn’t cook, didn’t wash clothes, didn’t look for her boyfriend, so big, she had been spending her mother’s money…… " " yes, mom, I’m a little sleepy. Go to bed first. "   well, let’s look at those in the sports world. Last week, Vera lost 0-3 to the Vera reserve in a training session. Now Vera is ranked first in the Premier League. Is it true that you’ve been playing against the players and playing in the Premier League has always been the reserve team?   this also funny than the Orangemen Orangemen, at least 0 to 0 tie team, you lose reserves three, really have to take Knowledge is infinite. ah!   Manchester United management is surprisingly tolerant of firing Van Gaal, surprisingly without the bottom line, strangely quiet, surprisingly calm, what is waiting for? The following picture is a Manchester United fan   who is very sad about the gloomy prospect of the Red Devils after losing the game; is also a pig coach, why can Van Gaal win Liverpool and Moyers can not? Answer: because Liverpool needs to retain Van Gaal!  : and why is Liverpool winning Moyers’s Manchester United? A: because there was still hope for Liverpool to qualify for the Champions league!   today saw a message that Atletico player Augusto was injured in Barcelona’s league match in January 30th, and doctors expect him to rest for 1-2 months. But Augusto’s recovery was much faster than people had expected. My colleagues around me asked me, is Augusto not in the national security?   because of alleged extortion teammates, the judge issued a ban, not allowed Benzema contact with Valbuena, and then Benzema was expelled from the national team. Not long ago, the judge lifted the ban, which meant that the two people could get in touch. But Deschamps said Benzema couldn’t return to the national team for the time being. Deschamps must think: 98 years, the French team refused Cantona, but won the world cup…… 16 years…… Or dumb horses,   " cars, you and Manchester? " " don’t mention it, this guy is busy to go to Ukraine crop frame, let his brother to make up the numbers, I’m mad at " " Oh, so you do not come to the party. " " no, I was not on fire, his brother beat "   fast [Vallejo: = = = = = = = = a contribution to social networking] warrior Vallejo wrote: " the warriors fans have the opportunity to join your team makes me feel very ~ 高级黑:国足终扬眉吐气 范加尔设局保曼联帅位-搜狐体育   各位黑丝大家好~ 今天的高级黑由文婧为大家带来~话说公司有个同事大概是微信加了领导,在朋友圈上秀了几张风光无限碧海蓝天的旅游照片,第一句话就是"感谢领导批假"   前两天心血来潮和妈妈一起睡觉,我撒娇:麻麻,给我讲个故事吧,睡不着。 "从前有个小白兔,不叠被子不做饭,不洗衣服不找男友,这么大还一直花妈妈的钱……" "行了妈,我有点困了,先睡了。"   好啦,我们俩看看体坛那些儿,上周维拉在一场训练赛中0-3不敌维拉预备队,目前维拉排名英超倒数第一,话说你们是不是把队员搞反了,踢英超的一直是预备队?   这个比国足还逗,国足至少0比0打平省队,你输预备队三个,真是天外有天啊~不得不服!   曼联管理层在解雇范加尔一事上实在是出奇地能忍,出奇地没有底线,出奇地安静,出奇地淡定,到底在等待什么?下图是比赛输球后对红魔的灰暗前景感到无比悲哀的曼联球迷   同样是猪一样的教练,为什么范加尔能赢利物浦而莫耶斯不能?答:因为利物浦需要挽留范加尔!   那为什么利物浦要赢莫耶斯的曼联呢?答:因为当时利物浦还有希望晋级欧冠!   今天看到了一则消息,马竞球员奥古斯托在1月30日与巴萨的联赛中受伤,医生预计他将休息1-2个月。不过奥古斯托的恢复速度大大超出了人们的预期。我身边的同事问我,奥古斯托不是在国安么?   由于涉嫌敲诈队友,法官颁布禁令,不允许本泽马与瓦尔布埃纳接触,随后本泽马被开除出国家队。在不久之前,法官解除了禁令,这也意味着这两人可以接触了。但是,德尚表示本泽马暂时还不能回到国家队。德尚一定在想:98年,法国队拒绝了坎通纳却赢得了世界杯……16年……还是拒绝笨马吧   "车子,听说你和曼城比武?""别提了,这家伙忙着去乌克兰茬架,让他弟弟来凑数,气死我了""哦,这么说你没动手聚会来了。""哪有,当时没压住火,我把他弟弟揍了一顿"   ====短评快====【瓦莱乔:竭尽所能为勇士做贡献】瓦莱乔社交网上写道: "勇士的球迷们,有机会加入你们的队伍让我感到十分兴奋!我保证,我会竭尽我的所能来为球队做出贡献!!#18"瓦莱乔已与勇士签下一份底薪合同至本赛季结束。   打的好,不如嫁得好,感觉冠军戒指到手了。 【利拉德连续4场比赛得分过30】开拓者主场以115-111战胜了爵士,达米安-利拉德拿到了30分5助攻4篮板。他也成为了克莱德-德雷克斯勒后首位连续四场比赛都砍下至少30分的开拓者球员。   利拉德:听说你们全明星办三天?我自己的我多办一天 ====看图说话====   命运总是捉弄人   骗局~   欧联杯结束后,范厨师要清理自己 ====网友上墙====   哎,C罗都跪了,齐达内的头更亮了====福利图====韩国"花滑女王"金妍儿   好啦,以上就是本期的高级黑了,希望大家喜欢,别忘了把快乐分享给你的小伙伴们~相关的主题文章: