Shenyang girl Paralympic breaststroke gold medals and broke the world record (Figure) imjpmig

Shenyang girl Paralympic breaststroke gold medals and broke the world record (Figure) on September 14th at 5:52 in the morning, Shenyang blind 17 year old girl Zhang Xiaotong, women’s 100 meters breaststroke Paralympic Games in Rio SB11 final, with 1 points 23 seconds 02 results for Chinese delegation won a gold medal, and once again break the world record. Zhang Xiaotong, a 17 year old girl born in 1999, was blind from congenital hypoplasia of the fundus. She began to study in Shenyang city for 6 years, the sixth grade primary school because of the height, arm length, Liaoning province was selected to participate in the physical training center of disabled swimming training. Before Zhang Xiaotong said in an interview, just began to practice swimming in the water, because the blind person has no sense of direction, they often deviate from the lane, by the pool segmentation "waterline" scratch. Zhang Xiaotong had a lot of scars on her hands, and she said, if you swim out of your fingers, you’ll scrape a piece of meat if you don’t stretch it into the "water line" bubble ball. Zhang Xiaotong overcome enormous difficulties in the years of swimming training, improve soon, the world blind movement held in South Korea in May 2015 meeting, she won the women’s 100 metre breaststroke champion S11 level; held in Chengdu in September 16, 2015 Ninth National Games for the disabled, she takes 1 minutes and 27 seconds 26 achievement win again, and to break the Swiss people keep S11 level of the women’s 100 metre breaststroke world record.

沈阳女孩残奥会蛙泳摘金 并打破世界纪录(图)9月14日凌晨5时52分,沈阳17岁盲人女孩张晓彤,在里约残奥会女子100米蛙泳SB11级决赛中,以1分23秒02的成绩为中国代表团摘得一枚金牌,并再次打破世界纪录。1999年出生的17岁女孩张晓彤,由于先天眼底发育不全从小失明。她6岁开始在沈阳市盲校读书,小学六年级因身高臂长,被辽宁省残联体训中心选中参加游泳训练。张晓彤之前在接受采访时表示,刚开始练习游泳时,由于盲人在水里没有方向感,自己常常会偏离泳道,被泳池里的分割“水线”划伤。张晓彤的手上带着很多疤痕,她说,游泳时手指如果不小心伸到“水线”的泡沫球里,就会刮掉一块肉。张晓彤在多年的游泳训练中克服巨大困难,成绩提高很快,在2015年5月韩国举行的世界盲人运动会上,她获得s11级别100米女子蛙泳冠军;2015年9月16日在成都举行的第九届全国残疾人运动会上,她以1分27秒26的成绩再次夺冠,并打破瑞士人保持的s11级别100米女子蛙泳世界纪录。相关的主题文章: