Shishi 16 year old girl ran away from home in the morning and sat alone on the highway-dachiyouxiang

Shishi 16 years old girl left home angry at sitting alone on the side of the road south Fujian news network November 4th (Taiwanese network reporter Liang Jundong correspondent Hong Qing Yavin Figure) because of trouble with their parents and runaway girl Lynn, after police heart after painstaking persuasion, around three in the morning to leave the police station and came to meet her mother go home together. Yesterday at 0 PM, Shishi Public Security Bureau, the police station received a public warning, said a girl sitting alone in the village pond Baogai town highway roadside, may be lost. Police on duty rushed to the scene, saw a girl sitting on the side of the road, because the weather is cold late at night, wearing a thin girl with the whole people, trembling, approached the police began to communicate with the girl, but the girl did not speak, the police decided to bring it back to the police station. Back to the police station, the police talk, to enlighten so good at giving systematic guidance, one hour, two hours, three hours later, the girl finally take the initiative to the police to tell the truth. According to the girl tells himself, Lynn, 16 year old, who lives in Hanjiang, today as a result of conflict with their parents under a home, don’t want to go home and she doesn’t know where to go, can only sit on the side of the road, the police immediately contact with Lynn parents. Police reminded: parents should usually strengthen communication with their children, in the growth of rebellious children should be patient education, guidance.

石狮16岁少女赌气离家出走 凌晨独自坐在公路边   闽南网11月4日讯 (闽南网记者 梁君栋 通讯员 洪清雅 文 图)因与父母闹矛盾而离家出走的女孩小琳,经民警苦心规劝心结得解后,在凌晨三点左右离开宝盖派出所与前来接她的母亲一起回家。   昨日凌晨0时许,石狮市公安局宝盖派出所接到一群众报警,称一名女孩独自坐在宝盖镇塘头村一公路路边,可能是走失了。值班民警立即赶往现场,看到一女孩子坐在公路边,因夜深了天气比较凉,加上女孩穿着单薄,整个人瑟瑟发抖,民警上前开始与女孩交流,但是女孩始终不开口说话,民警决定先将其带回派出所。   回到派出所后,民警与其交谈,循循善诱对其开导,就这样一小时,两小时,三小时过去了,女孩终于主动向民警说出实情了。   据女孩讲述,自己叫小琳,今年16岁,家住蚶江,今天因与父母发生矛盾一气之下离家出走,不想回家的她也不知道去哪里,只能坐在路边,民警当即与小琳父母联系。   民警提醒:父母平时应该多加强与子女的沟通,对处在成长叛逆期的孩子要耐心教育、引导。相关的主题文章: