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Slow Mexico, five places full of cultural atmosphere in Mexico City leisurely Saturday morning to go to the local market, is Minshuku boss Francisco recommended to us authentic gameplay. As the capital of Mexico, there is a collision between traditional art and colonial art. The streets in the bazaar, warm tone with each other in the square on both sides of the art, too many paintings not allowed to shoot, but kept the selfishness to their eyes and memory. During the holidays, Mexico City residents love to the nearby Valle de Bravo small town resort, here are the paraglider, yacht, and festive the atmosphere of the church and the Christmas Circle bread. In the Paraiso restaurant with a landscape of lakes and mountains for lunch, and then move through the crowded streets and celebrate the new year, is full of colorful balloons around, take a look, and the police carry loaded guns in the maintenance of order! In the small town of Campeche in Yucatan, lost one hundred times a day is not too much. This historic commercial city, has been repeatedly attacked by pirates of the Caribbean, but after the reconstruction of her still exudes a fresh beauty. Red yellow blue green orange purple blue green grey wall, the old beetle, and Spanish colonization style collocation passionate music, can’t wait for hot sun touch, the whole heart has already melted. Experience in ADO on the bus for 1 hours when be sleepy straws, completely lost the network signal, the distance of Campeche50 km outside Edzna. This is an almost forgotten tourist site, guarding the entrance only a janitor and a dog. Even so, the temple of the Edzna below the floor of the room, making it a combination of Pyramid and the palace represents the architectural form, but also its most special. At the Cancun public beach is over exploitation, not swimming surfing the sun, just lying in the sand bed quietly watching people coming and going, one thing is very interesting, with children, men and women, with dogs skater boy, drinking drunk tramp, walking on the beach for the elderly they, and they, as long as you have enough patience and observation, always wait for a wonderful. 1. Best travel season: Mexico local season is divided into the rainy season and dry season, the rainy season in June to early October. Mexico City is very suitable for travel throughout the year, summer without heat, winter without winter, especially in November to next year in March, there will be such as Muertos (Dia de) and other festivals. 2. Visa: China is currently holding passports to Mexico still need to apply for a visa, but if the holdings of U.S. citizens Chinese multiple entry visa, the visa at least once, within the period of validity, visa free entry to Mexico, 180 days stay single. 3. The local language: the official language of Mexico is Spanish, tourist attractions in the English popularity rate is higher, can find English tour guides, tourist attractions outside the basic Spanish, will facilitate communication to master a few common greetings Spanish type. 4. Money and payments: currency in Mexico.相关的主题文章: