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Youku small innovative marketing   take the children with "Thomas" the full range of intimate contact entertainment channel — 2016 small Youku together with the animated classic "Thomas and his friends" launched a series of innovative marketing, in addition to the children can watch cartoons in small Youku, can also participate in puzzles, testing, singing a variety of interactive games. In addition, the small Youku event brand little cool paradise is still in Shenzhen, Shanghai, more than landing activities, to create a child online and Thomas zero contact opportunities. Custom "Thomas and friends" area, to create multi-dimensional new experience, "Thomas and his friends" is known as British preschool children show "top the champion", since its launch in 1984, has been translated into 45 languages, influence all over more than and 130 countries and regions. The film is about a lot in the beautiful island, helpfulness of the locomotive because Thomas often help others out of trouble, but positive he will soon forget the unhappy, continue to train and his little friends solidarity, hard work of the story. 2016 Youku in small "Thomas and his friends" before the fifteen season all the content on the basis of online exclusive for Thomas to create a Chinese home "Thomas and friends", brought together "and a friend of Thomas’s short story", "Thomas and friends sing", "Thomas and his friends", "Thomas and friends of the test", "Thomas and friends to do the game," Thomas and friends "spell" six plates, through the way of interactive fun, let the children swim a lot together with Thomas island. August 27th will also be the theme of the skin on the line Thomas, when the child watching the animation as if exposed to a lot of islands, and Thomas flew along the tracks. Interesting stories, rich interactive form can not only stimulate children’s interest in learning, cultivate children’s ability of practice, but also good for children to learn humility, equality, friendship and bravery, truly happy learning, healthy growth. Line activities open, popular hot spot in addition to online aggregation of "Thomas" related content, small Youku also through the line activities brand "little Youku paradise" Thomas hand in hand held landing activities to attract fans. In early August event in Shenzhen nearly 700 thousand people total daily during the weekend, people up to 70 thousand people, work flow of 35 thousand passengers daily date. August 26th to August 28th, a series of activities will be small cool Thomas Shanghai fashion center shopping mall, the children brought the original train, a large number of locomotives, such as the launch of a series of peripheral products. The site will also build a huge Thomas inflatable castle, set up the toy experience area and a small Youku cinema. Not only the children can enjoy playing, parents can also accompany the children to participate in a variety of interactive, enjoy the happy parent-child time. Based on the "Thomas and his friends," the powerful appeal of the cartoon and the line to create a variety of interactive experience under the small Youku line, is expected to set off a new round of activities in Shanghai, hot Thomas. )相关的主题文章: