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Arts-and-Entertainment For those of you who are wondering what such a thing as the social network really means, I can only point to the hundreds of websites who are trying harder each day to bring millions of people in touch with each other. Does it ring a bell? Yes, it is all about Myspace, the blogs, forums, instant messaging, e-mail and phone conversations that are happening over the internet. It has even .e to real meetings! They are meant to offer the opportunity for both virtual and real meetings. It is quite disheartening at times and that is how networks really get broken. A .mon question that people have started asking is that how broken is the networking at this point. There are so many web sites like Myspace, that a person has a wide range of options regarding which one to use to contact someone. The next most obvious question people are asking themselves is which of these different web sites would be the best messaging system. I guess no one can really answer such a question. It depends on each and every person, especially as one cannot argue with someone�s preferences! A very good strategy for finding these web sites is doing a search on Google. In addition, you can go in and register at some of them. The latest news is that most people who have done so probably do not remember at the end of the day, which ones they are in and which the last one they left was. Therefore, the absolute facts are that most of the time none of these social networks is going to be there on your desktop, unless you happen to have their page open. Some, are exceptions from this rule. In their case, you will not get to know if any of your friends are online or not. Most of the people using these web sites have already chosen another way of socializing, not to speak about the fact that more persons are on the way to quitting too! These web sites have failed in providing the basic need of socializing and .municating by building networks. The social networks must therefore add new functionalities and features to their existing ones. The main reason for this happening is that .munication is getting more and more important these days. People could not even imagine life without it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: