Some brokers optimistic about the theme of PPP or will become a potential breakthrough point

Some brokers optimistic about the PPP theme or will become a potential breakthrough in Sina Finance App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament – trainee newspaper reporter Zhang Xiaoqi recently, A shares continued to shock, the market expectations of "food market" did not cash. Some brokers believe that in September the trend of risk-free interest rates downward trend is difficult to change. To maintain a steady background in monetary policy, the future of a new round of steady growth policy may depend on the financial strength, but simply rely on financial investment in the limited space, the PPP model is expected to become an important starting point for steady growth, financial subsidies, preferential loans, tax relief and other favorable policies is expected to raise PPP. A shares on the PPP theme of investment or the opportunity to exist. The macro environment is stable the Milky Way securities research report pointed out that last week’s A shares in the adjustment phase, the Shanghai Composite Index, Shenzhen stock index, SZSE gem index fell 1.22%, 1.65%, 1.13%, 0.67%, early performance better than blue chip adjustment, the performance of the gem. Brokerage analysts believe that the main clue is the recent market risk free interest rate changes. In the case of little change in earnings, the rapid decline in risk-free interest rates will lead to a rebound in stock market valuations. In early August the long end yields rapid downward, but the profit taking funds and the central bank to restart the 14 day reverse repurchase, the long end of the yield increased significantly. September risk-free interest rate downward trend will not change, the central bank’s 14 day reverse repurchase restart is to flatten the short end of the interest rate fluctuations, not to raise the cost of capital, asset shortage environment has not changed. The Milky Way Securities pointed out that the high frequency data shows that the economy has gradually stabilized, the specific performance of the 6 major power groups daily coal consumption continued to rise, the port coal stocks decline, coal prices continued upward, while steel prices, steel production, coking coal prices began to rebound on the line. In addition, to benefit from the acceleration of landing PPP projects, cement, glass and other raw materials prices have also picked up. But looking forward to the four quarter, the economy is expected to slow down the pressure or greater than the three quarter. The main reason is that the average real estate sales growth fell gradually, taking into account the real estate sales growth as the leading economic indicators, the fourth quarter downward pressure will increase, corporate profits may deteriorate, interest rates may not be able to drive down valuations. Optimistic about the theme of PPP Founder Securities research report pointed out that economic growth slowly into the bottom. With the decline in real estate investment, future economic downward pressure still exists, overweight steady growth demands. Analysts pointed out that in the past the government’s steady growth mainly rely on loose monetary policy, but as part of a second tier cities larger property market bubble, will constitute a constraint on monetary policy. In the future, steady growth may be based on fiscal policy, supplemented by monetary policy. In terms of fiscal policy, the fiscal gap is widening, simply relying on the financial investment limited space, through the PPP model to stimulate private investment in infrastructure will become an important starting point for steady growth, can expect fiscal subsidies, preferential loans, tax breaks and other favorable policies. Brokerage analysts pointed out that since last year, with the theory相关的主题文章: