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SONY PS VR new features: immersive environment display mobile phone screen – Sohu digital is planning to use PS VR smartphone into a virtual reality device. SONY music entertainment in 2016 at the Tokyo games show on the release of a PS VR platform application AnywhereVR, the contents of the phone can be displayed on the screen to the immersive environment. Users do not need to remove the PS VR, you can view the message and application information. SONY music entertainment at the press conference shows a demo video. In the video, a female user came home from work, wearing PS VR, accompanied by background music into the beautiful environment. Subsequently, she picked up the phone in the real world, and the virtual world has appeared on the phone screen. Demonstration video display, the user can call friends in virtual reality, the use of Twitter and other applications, as well as playing games. It is not clear whether AnywhereVR supports all smartphone applications. Demo video display, this feature may only support some applications. The application of SONY AnywhereVR demo video shows that AnywhereVR cannot be fully replicated in the virtual reality environment mobile phone appearance and position. This is actually the user mobile phone interface in the virtual reality environment of the holographic projection. It is not clear whether the user will encounter navigation problems when using this feature. Video display, this feature applies to SONY’s brand of smart phones, but the company did not announce the specific phone model. SONY music entertainment has not confirmed whether AnywhereVR will be released outside japan. PS VR is not the first attempt to integrate with the user’s mobile virtual reality device. HTC Vive also supports mobile phone connection in the virtual reality environment, to help users avoid missed calls or missed messages.相关的主题文章: