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Home-Improvement Have a brief look into the special offers Appleyard Interiors offers for their customers. They occasionally have great stock clearance sales or seasonal offers on bed, mattress and wide range of furniture including dining furniture for our customers to take advantage of. For updates about the offers, individual can check the page dedicatedly designed for this. The page has many offers running on different bed, mattress and furniture especially on dining furniture products from manufacturers such as Wade Upholstery, G Plan Cabinets, Gascoigne Designs & Legacy, and ROM. Some of the offers running currently on bed, mattress and dining furniture products are as follows: The offers are divided into two categories: a.Seasonal Offers b.Stock Clearance Offers Seasonal offers include offers or discount on the products listed below: Rest Assured Padora, Memory Mattress: From the Sanctuary 2400 Collection, the Padora offers pocket springs with mini springs and body-molding memory foam to create a bed with indulgent comfort. Complete with two rows of hand side stitching, the mattress is supported edge to edge to give you a full comfortable sleeping surface. Call 1 925 748 966 (UK) for a Quote. Colors available: Stone, Blush, Sky Blue, Dive G Plan Dining Furniture Set: The Rembrandt range is made from natural light oak and features a practical and elegant design of Dining Furniture. The Rembrandt living and dining furniture collection from G Plan Cabinets is created with the finest real wood veneers and classic design whilst conforming to the mainstream appeal. Supporting each dining furniture set is matching occasional dining furniture with coffee tables, mirrors and storage and home entertainment. These are few examples, for more offers on bed; mattress and Dining Furniture looks the offers page on the website. Look into some of the amazing stock clearance offers on bed, mattress and Dining Furniture below. 1.Sealy BugShield Silver Mattress for your Bed The new collection contains BugShield as part of their Smart Fibres range; this is used to combat and prevent bed bug infestations. The BugShield fibers in the bed and mattress contain a new, special form of biocide, which is guaranteed skin-safe and kills bed bugs whilst creating an inhabitable environment to prevent further infestations. BugShield bed with memory foam mattress offers a 100% bed bug mortality rate with 90% killed off within a period of 24 hours. In addition to bed bugs, BugShield also kills off house dust mites. House dust mites are a key trigger for asthma, hay fever and eczema as well as many other allergic reactions. For more details contact Bedsite to take advantage of it as offer lasts till stock clearance. 2.Sealy Summer Solstice Divan Bed As part of the Gold Collection, the Summer Solstice Collection of mattress provides perfectly balanced sleeping solutions for young and old alike. Responding to body weight and pressure points, each of the mattresses in this range incorporates 7 zones of latex and memory foam to eliminate tossing and turning and so aid restful sleep. Combined with Sealy’s patented Posture tech 660 spring system that ensures an even weight distribution for the sleeper. The unique Sealy edge guard provides total edge to edge support and all the mattresses are covered with Tencel, a beautifully soft fabric that is eco-friendly and helps keep you cool and dry. These are few examples, for more offers on bed; mattress and Dining Furniture looks the offers page on the website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: