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Su Yang Shugang high-speed start traffic hub — the conversion of Jiangsu windows — original title: Su Yang Ying Yangzhou high-speed construction of key nodes Shugang hub start "traffic conversion" Yang Su expressway is a new province of Jiangsu and Anhui two provincial channels, and is also an important part of Yangzhou "one ring seven shot highway network. At 11 yesterday morning, Yang Su speed is located in the town of West Lake Shugang hub ramp "traffic conversion", the high-speed beltway segment Yangli northwest to the North (upstream) direction of the vehicle on the road to the ramp, with the construction of the new road traffic, then the main road. "Today, converting the uplink direction of the vehicle, tomorrow is to convert down south of Runyang Bridge direction of the vehicle, through the conversion of two days, will end up on the side of a car’s soaring out of the channel construction in a high-speed Su Yang Bridge and under article two." Yang Su speed two section Security Manager Meng Xiang. It is reported that the Shugang hub is Su Yang Expressway and Yangzhou Expressway intersection northwest and set up the exchange, also connected with the north and out of Runyang high-speed. The hub is the city’s first dual function hub, both to achieve the conversion between the high speed, but also to retain the entrance, and the urban road network connected to facilitate the public high-speed. According to the design scheme, Shugang hub excavation required Qiyang high-speed road frame in Northwest Yangzhou is arranged on the ring section of bridge 2, widening bridge 1, built on the ramp cross bridge 1. Yesterday, the traffic conversion, is to follow the construction of some of the construction of the bridge opening. According to the current construction progress, is expected before the Spring Festival will end the traffic conversion, restore the normal traffic of high-speed traffic ring section. (Yang Gong Jian Xuan (Rosa): Ma Xiaobo Zhang Xin, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: