Thailand military court in Bangkok bombings suspects 2 Simian Fo trial – Beijing windjview

Thailand military court will be on the Bangkok four Buddha explosion case 2 suspects trial – new net in February 16, according to The Associated Press reported that, 16 local time, 2 men who had made in 2015 in Thailand, Bangkok four Buddha explosion case will be tried in Thailand military court. Reported that the 2 foreign men will be prosecuted for 10 charges, including manufacturing bombings and murder. The report pointed out that the local court will hear the case on the same day, and then will interrogate the criminals, and give them a formal trial. At the same time, Thailand police continue to arrest 15 other associated with the suspect, but so far, there is no progress. It is reported that the four sides of Buddha and sand swallow wharf exploded in Bangkok in August 17, 2015. After the incident, Thailand police visited more than 230 witnesses, according to clues to determine a number of suspects, and searched for materials and tools for bomb manufacture. The case resulted in 20 deaths, including 7 Chinese people. Another 130 people were injured in varying degrees. Some seriously injured are still being treated in the local hospital.

泰国军事法庭将对曼谷四面佛爆炸案2嫌犯审判-中新网   中新网2月16日电 据美联社报道,当地时间16日,2名曾在2015年制造泰国曼谷四面佛爆炸案的男子将在泰国军事法庭接受审判。   报道称,这2名外籍男子将受到10项罪名的起诉,包括制造爆炸及谋杀等。   报道指出,当地法院将在当天对该案进行审理,随后将审问罪犯,并对他们做出正式审判。   与此同时,泰国警方仍然在继续缉捕另外15名与本案相关的嫌疑人,但到目前为止,还没有任何进展。   据悉,曼谷叻巴颂路口四面佛、沙吞码头在2015年8月17日分别发生爆炸。事发后,泰国警方走访了超过230名现场目击者,根据线索确定多名嫌疑人,并搜查到用于制造炸弹的材料和工具。   本案导致20人遇难,包括7名中国人。另有130人不同程度受伤,一些重伤者至今仍在当地医院接受救治。相关的主题文章: