The 4 year old children fell asleep and didn’t wake up, this is actually the truth! Sohu – ca1835

The 4 year old children fell asleep and didn’t wake up, this is actually the truth! Sohu have to sleep a lot of maternal young babies, until kindergarten or primary school, have lunch, but who can think of, even the nap will actually appear dangerous! Recently, Guangzhou Haizhuqu District red sand HOLLEY kindergarten, a four year-old child with a nap after no longer wake up · · · · · · event review — children sleep in death, signs of death in sleep need to alert the child named Li Bin, male, 4 years old this year. Li Bin’s parents said, the little boy’s body has always been healthy, the morning go to the kindergarten also lively bounce, afternoon received the teacher said the children in the emergency telephone. The kindergarten teacher said, lunch time everything is OK, but in the end after lunch, the teacher found Li Bin purple lips, sent to the hospital died. In this regard, Li Bin’s parents believe that this is a kindergarten teacher in children and kindergarten nap regulatory dereliction of duty, hope the family agreed to an autopsy, find out what causes. According to the survey data, the child died of suffocation in the sleep of the disease known as sudden infant death syndrome". In the United States, about 4000 infants and young children die each year from the disease. In Japan, there are about 50 deaths per 100 thousand infants and young children. In fact, the sudden death of children in sleep that is not a case of a 3 year old Changzhou boy died of suffocation without nap stage; and a 2 year old baby sleeping in her mother’s arms is suddenly choked to death; Hangzhou this year a new mother and children with sleep nursing accidents, born only 53 days the baby died of suffocation in his sleep. So, the child suffering from sudden infant death syndrome is almost no sign of it? It is not the case, you will need to pay attention to the signs of these guardians: snoring and 1 children during sleep, mouth breathing, breath, sleep in the process will be repeated in the body after falling asleep woke up, or constantly change, these conditions may indicate that infants breathe; 2 children often enuresis, sweating, tummy sleep, or Juezhaopigu sleep, may have respiratory system and heart oppression to children; 3 children during the day if it is found that the change of inattention, hyperactivity, memory and behavior, there may be children with sleep symptoms. But this kind of phenomenon, will cause the child growth hormone release decreased, serious impact on its growth and development; 4 if when talking with their children, he would often hear or tell you tinnitus, you need to go to the hospital. These practices will increase the risk of death of 1 children sleep and sleep in the same bed mother sometimes in order to facilitate feeding, and increase children’s intimacy, and the baby to sleep together, but this may increase the probability of infant suffocation death threats. For example, after falling asleep on the nose, the unconscious infant children fall asleep, containing a tit quilt pillow, cover your mouth and nose, can lead to young)相关的主题文章: