The acquisition of Uber China drops two months, Liu Zhen finally decided to leave the Sohu of scienc sugus

The acquisition of Uber China drops two months, Liu Zhen finally decided to leave the science and technology Sohu – Sohu Technology Wen Cui Peng September 30th news, Uber senior vice president Liu Zhen Chinese District today to the Uber staff issued an internal letter, "said UBER CHINA of the experience in the furnace, the name of the brand we will continued journey" in new territory. Said, he has left Uber. In August 1st this year after the acquisition of Uber by China, Liu Zhen’s whereabouts has been the focus of attention of public opinion. The acquisition of Uber China drops things, Liu Zhen did not get Travis Kalanick (hereinafter referred to as "TK") Notice, the latter with two other executives led directly to the merger, in TK issued a letter of thanks, will Zhenpai Liu in the three District executives, Liu Zhen in Uber development in China not good". In April 2015, Liu Zhen into the Uber China when the position is Uber China strategic responsible person, mainly responsible for Uber departments in China and strategic layout. But the Uber China district have been looking for a suitable CEO, TK also not be Liu Zhen "righting" for China area CEO, the highest level is Uber senior vice president of Chinese District office. Compared to Liu Qing into pieces after continuous high financing case, Liu Zhen did not fully trust TK work in Uber possible. Separate Uber area and financing ability China drops compared to previous disadvantage, huge financing case of Uber were completed by the headquarters, TK himself has been playing the role of CEO Uber China contact area. But Liu Zhen in the Uber Chinese start-up stage has played an important role, the rapid development of flat architecture of traditional Uber Uber was restricted Chinese business, bad government relations for the Uber very difficult expansion in China, Liu Zhen coming to solve a lot of problems faced in the development process of Uber Chinese area, Uber also China for the first time to take the large area of architecture. The letter reads as follows: give all my cares and concerns of my people, I was at the end of April 2015 with excellent step China, from the start talking about the decision to join, only more than and 20 days, I will bid farewell to the nine years of career as a lawyer, frankly, I didn’t get too many blessings, yes, this is a controversial choice venture itself, this industry, including my family — for me, making a short time, but because it is only a sensible decision. Full of uncertainty, the survival and competition of the cruel, so that each person to join, and therefore vibrant, people on the battlefield, is often the most simple, the most passionate, the most united. After the merger, I was always looking for someone to recommend, I would like to step up many of China’s people like special forces, need to have a particularly accurate positioning, in order to have their extraordinary play space. In my lawyer, actually did a lot of project financing, mergers and acquisitions, I also witnessed the board of directors on the founder of off scene, rapid trading, more than a week that this time, my day相关的主题文章: