The air force pilots will start tomorrow primaries in 12 districts chompoo araya

The air force will recruit pilots in 12 districts and counties to start the primary election 19 days, and the Chongqing Education Examination Institute released the recruitment policy of air force flight cadets in 2017. The air force Cadet selection time is from September 22, 2016 to September 28th, a primary station in the city’s 12 districts, the air force and Qinghua University and Beijing University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics joint training of "double status" flying cadets continue to recruit students for the city. Applicants should have Chongqing official residence according to the introduction, the Cadet conditions for ordinary high school grade 2017 graduates, the previous high school age boys, not less than 17 years of age, not more than 20 years of age (August 31, 1997 August 31, 2000 born). At the same time, the height 164185 cm, weight not less than the standard weight of 80%, less than the standard weight of 130%, standard weight (kg) = height (CM) -110. Table C binocular uncorrected visual acuity was above 0.8, have not done vision correction surgery, no color blindness, seruo, strabismus. In addition, the candidates must have the official residence registration in Chongqing, to participate in the national college entrance examination unified (foreign language limit English, Russian), predict the college entrance examination culture scores in Chongqing undergraduate first admission control score line above. This month 22 days to 28 days of the primaries it is reported that the air force Cadet selection time is from September 22, 2016 to September 28th, a primary station in Dazu, Yongchuan, Shapingba, Yubei, Banan, Jiangjin, Zhongxian, Fuling, Pengshui, Wanzhou, Fengjie, Xiushan 12 counties, from Chengdu fly Selection Center to organize the implementation of bidding. The preliminary plan from February 2017 to early April, the Chengdu Cadet Selection Center Station, centralized organization on the city’s primary culture and performance to meet the requirements of the qualified candidates for check. After the college entrance examination results, according to the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of air force Cadet annual targets, to select qualified students based on the book, dedicated to the defense of volunteer college entrance examination scores (including policy bonus), according to the physical examination, psychological selection and political assessment conclusion comprehensive merit, end in early July 2017. Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics School three dual enrollment candidates have been admitted to the cadet, the air force Cadet Bureau and three universities jointly carried out two times of admission. Reporter Wang Yizhu

空军将在12区县招飞行员 明天开始初选19日,重庆市教育考试院发布了2017年度空军飞行学员招收政策。此次空军招飞初选时间为2016年9月22日至9月28日,在全市12个区县设初选站,空军与清华、北大、北航联合培养的“双学籍”飞行学员继续面向全市招生。报考学生需有重庆正式户籍据介绍,此次招飞条件为普通高中2017级应届、往届高中毕业男生,年龄不小于17周岁、不超过20周岁(1997年8月31日至2000年8月31日出生)。同时,身高需在164-185厘米之间,体重不低于标准体重的80%、不高于标准体重的130%,标准体重(kg)=身高(cm)-110。双眼裸眼视力C字表均在0.8以上,未做过视力矫治手术,无色盲、色弱、斜视等。此外,报考的学生须具有重庆市正式户籍,参加全国普通高等学校招生统一考试(外语限英语、俄语),预估高考文化成绩在重庆市本科第一批录取控制分数线以上。本月22日至28日进行初选据悉,此次空军招飞初选时间为2016年9月22日至9月28日,在大足、永川、沙坪坝、江津、渝北、巴南、忠县、涪陵、彭水、万州、奉节、秀山12个区县设初选站,由成都招飞选拔中心组织实施。初步计划于2017年2月至4月上旬,在成都招飞选拔中心设站,集中组织对全市初选合格、文化成绩达到要求的考生进行复选。高考成绩公布后,空军招飞局按照重庆市年度任务指标,对定选合格学生依据献身国防志愿书、高考成绩(含政策加分),参照体格检查、心理选拔和政治考核结论进行综合择优录取,2017年7月上旬结束。清华、北大、北航三校“双学籍”考生在已被录取的飞行学员中,由空军招飞局和三所高校联合进行二次录取。记者 王乙竹相关的主题文章: