The best football fans feast lineup with hilarious comedy hits

The best lineup of football fans feast with hilarious comedy hit [Abstract] directed by Chi Chung Lam, the letter (Su Jianxin) and Benny Chan, Hao Shaowen starred in the Hong Kong Style "soccer" nonsensical comedy comedy jokes, today released the official version of the poster of the movie, after several days ago released the first trailer again detonated nonsense after viewing to users who. "Our soccer" official version poster 37 "best lineup" is a real football theme of sports web games. In the game, game player will play a football manager through a green hand, to complete the task of different target, Messi, C Ronaldo, Neymar legend to hire a strongest team, again in the major leagues, eventually led the team to climb the peak of football of the world. 37 "best team" official website: zjzr 37 "best" stars if the official lineup of "football" is a cartoon in football big laughs coat comedy event, then the 37 "best team" is a can meet the fans all fancy football feast. As a focus on training and competitive sports games, the 37 "best" design many lineup featuring gameplay, players such as personalized strengthening, League lineup, custom tactical offensive and defensive mode, players, players explore, let the game player can fully display their business to business experience, the pure joy of top football clubs the. 37 "best team" shooting game "best team" screenshot 37 masters gameplay screenshots as the core gameplay of the game, the 37 "best" players in the lineup to strengthen the system to create excellent personalized experience, not only as many as 38 of the world’s legendary game player for more solicitation, design a wide variety of equipment to strengthen, let game player can create a heart of its own football dream team". Through the different functions of the player equipment shoes, shirts, knee pads, game player can control the ability to refine its attributes for each player, allowing players to maximize the burst of real strength. The recruitment of legend, to create the best lineup 37 "best players" to strengthen the interface of 37 lineup "best" lineup is "jokes football" official partner, the two sides will expand the depth of cooperation, and this is the 37 game following the "legend" after hegemony with director Chi Chung Lam once again join hands. The game will be played in the movie poster and eggs creative: the onion movie poster on the two-dimensional code scanning game player, you can receive a fan exclusive game packs; film eggs will be implanted in a string of mysterious code, find out and remember the code, you can get 37 "best team" to send out the surprise award winning game player, want to view shadow must open your eyes look carefully! "Football" jokes about the game [37] stills "best lineup" is a real football theme of sports web games. Game game player play football manager, running his own team, get new players through the task goal, then through training players to strengthen their ability of the players, so as to achieve better results in various competitions, a copy of the challenge the world teams to enhance the team strength, realize the dream of the world first-class football teams. More "best team" game details please login: zjzr相关的主题文章: