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The Cai Yingwen administration has not "Taiwan independence" chiefs rushing to step down – Lin Beijing China Taiwan network August 31st news according to the "Taiwan times" reported China, the leaders of the Taiwan region Cai Yingwen 100 days in office satisfaction drop, "independence fundamentalists cannot stand, requiring replacement of the Taiwan authorities" Premier "Lin quan. Chen Shuibian’s presidential advisor Wu Lipei yesterday (30 days) put the muzzle aimed at all. He said that Lin absolutely no use, to step down, or Cai Yingwen no tomorrow. "Independence" of the "Taiwan club" Zhang Yesen criticized the whole forest, do not also hard, "has been referred to as the revolutionary family". Cai Yingwen 520 after the ruling, pig farmers protest the United States pig, Xu residents protest to move the school, have shouted, Lin Quan stepped down". "Independence" big brother Wu Lipei said yesterday when he was interviewed by the radio, after taking office, the national security team, judicial and financial reform mistakes in. He also pointed out that the whole forest in the economy not as very conservative, the economy is not good when there should be three arrows (Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s economic reform policy), public investment, policy easing and economic structure change, but all is not that kind of person, how no courage when the leader? Wu Lipei said that the crisis turned, the first step is to change the personnel, "the" chief executive officer "did not change how to do?" "Taiwan club president Zhang Yesen behind Wu said that" Wu Lipei’s remarks, is green." They look very deep to Cai Yingwen, Lin should walk to the grassroots, a home store is closed, "also have" independence faction "the chiefs of the community, because the recession raised less money, had to close down, even our community fundraising, has also raised less than half." He said, now have enough social chaos, also let the society always quarrel, let everyone think "noisy candy", a day before the humanoid is right, "Taiwan is really a knife stabbed himself in". Taiwan Kay School President Jin Hengwei not only approved Lin Quan, but also for the head of Cai Yingwen". He said the Cai Yingwen Administration for 100 days, even in the middle of constituency has escaped, leaving only the green camp. Wu Lipei said, is the green sound, now even the green camp condemning again and again, Lin should change, but for a whole forest, Cai Yingwen’s ideas do not change, still the same. Cai Yingwen, Professor of Donghua University has jointly developed the ethnic policy of Taiwan, Professor Shi Zhengfeng believes that Lin’s performance of the more than and 100 days, with the description of the 4 words is absent-minded". A lot of things are handed over to the Executive Yuan, Chen Meiling, Cai Yingwen to think carefully, in the end is what he regarded as Lin, is only the "enhanced version of the" Minister of finance "? Shi Zhengfeng said, in fact, even if the "cabinet" many "members", but as long as the "Premier" active enough, still can take up. But now do not actively deal with the problem, rarely the integration of each department will be something differences, let Cai Yingwen to pick up, "" cabinet "is not the problem of ideology, but the attitude problem." (Lining)相关的主题文章: