The country is still in the main flood season local heavy rainfall may occur at any time 9c8950

The country is still the main flood season local heavy rainfall may occur at any time – Beijing Legal Network Beijing on August 26th news reporter Wang Kaiguang this afternoon, national headquarters deputy commander, Minister of water resources Chen Lei chaired the chamber of Commerce pointed out that the country is still in the main flood season, local heavy rainfall may occur at any time, may cause severe typhoon northward inland influence of Huaxi autumn rain may lead to fall. He asked, to strengthen the flood control and water supply in the G20 summit, to further strengthen the responsibility to implement, earnestly implement the comprehensive dispatching in Taihu, typhoon, flood control and drainage water, rivers and lakes city management and other security measures, emergency plans to refine the reality of water related emergencies, go all out to ensure flood control, water supply and water environment security. Consultation pointed out that the next 10 days, the northeast, Southern China and Inner Mongolia in the northeast, southwest Eastern, southern South, cumulative rainfall of 40 to 60 mm in some areas, there will be 80 ~ 120 mm. Under its influence, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, second Songhua River, Liaohe, the Yalu River and other major rivers there will be a significant rise in the water process, some small rivers may be over the police. Chen Lei stressed that all levels of defense should be based on flood protection, anti drought, grab big risk, save big disaster, to continue tight flood control this string, give prominence to the local sudden storm floods, flash floods and other geological disasters prevention work, the implementation of the measures of Huaxi autumn floods, the greatest degree of protection of the safety of the masses. Good experience, carry forward the early typhoon defense work and good practices, good mechanism, strengthen monitoring and warning, firmly grasp the typhoon defense work, efforts to reduce disaster losses. The reservoir has entered the impoundment period, Chen Leiming, to scientifically formulate and optimize scheme of impounding in Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, Hanjiang River in Danjiangkou and the Xiaolangdi Dam in the Yellow River, Longyangxia, the Liu Jiaxia reservoir, on the basis of ensuring the safety of flood control to make full use of rainwater resources, protect the water supply and water demand later. To strengthen the organization and management, refinement of responsibility, to carry out water damage restoration work, restore the function of flood control as soon as possible. At the same time, in the post disaster has set "basic water conservancy plan" the weak links in the construction of the framework, in conjunction with the relevant departments to do the preparatory work of water conservancy "after the disaster and the weak links in the construction of city drainage waterlogging fill short board three years action plan", as soon as possible and strive to start the implementation of. Reporters noted that under high temperature fine and hot weather, the drought hit area of rapid growth, has 11 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, Inner Mongolia appeared the drought, Heilongjiang and other provinces (autonomous regions) of severe drought. To this end, Chen Lei proposed that in some areas, the drought outcrop drought development situation, timely sent a working group to strengthen guidance, refine the drought response scheme and water plan, strengthen the project scheduling and supervision and management, give full play to the role of drought service organizations, to ensure the safety of drinking water masses, efforts to expand the autumn irrigation area.相关的主题文章: