The establishment of safety inspection system in China will regularly check local and new China Netw winavi

Chinese production safety inspection system will regularly inspect the new network in February new network place – in 4, according to the State Administration of work safety committee of the State Council website news, the day before the issuance of the "safety inspection system", the safety committee will regularly or irregularly send safety inspections of production safety work group, the people the provincial government inspections. The "safety regulations" work system inspections, the safety committee of the State Council regularly or sent production safety inspection unit of production safety work of the provincial people’s government to carry out inspections, inspections can be extended according to the needs of work, city (the ground), the people’s government at the county level and the relevant key enterprises. Inspections should not affect the normal work of the inspected units. The work safety inspection system stipulates that the safety committee of the State Council will organize several inspection teams according to the needs of the work, each team has 6-7 people, the group leader and the deputy leader 1. The inspection team is composed of leading cadres, staff members and safety production experts who are in or out of the leading posts of the State Council Safety Committee members. The main contents include the inspection work, according to the processing of various types of production safety accidents compliance survey, the implementation of accountability and rectification measures, carry out statistical production safety, timely and truthfully submit accident information etc.; inspections related to production safety reporting information check treatment etc.. In addition, the work safety inspection system stipulates that the State Council safety committee office undertakes the daily work of inspections, in principle, every two years to achieve the "full coverage" of provinces, and carry out key interviews. "The work of production safety inspection system" also stipulates that the inspected area shall not instigate or force any relevant units or personnel interference or obstruct the inspection work, or false accusations against others; not without justification refused to rectification problems or not according to the requirements of the rectification; not to reflect the problems of personnel to combat, revenge, framed. Violation of the above requirements, depending on the seriousness of the case, according to the law according to discipline seriously.

中国建立安全生产巡查制度 将定期不定期巡查地方-中新网   中新网2月4日电 据国家安监总局网站消息,国务院安全生产委员会日前印发《安全生产巡查工作制度》,安委会将定期或不定期派出安全生产巡查组,对各省级人民政府安全生产工作进行巡查。   《安全生产巡查工作制度》规定,国务院安委会定期或不定期派出安全生产巡查组,对各省级人民政府安全生产工作进行巡查,根据工作需要,可延伸巡查市(地)、县级人民政府和有关重点企业。巡查不应影响被巡查单位的正常工作。   《安全生产巡查工作制度》规定,国务院安委会按照工作需要组织若干个巡查组,每组6-7人,组长和副组长各1名。巡查组由国务院安委会成员单位现职或近期退出领导岗位的领导干部、工作人员和有关安全生产专家组成。   巡查工作的主要内容包括,依法依规调查处理各类生产安全事故,落实责任追究和整改措施,开展安全生产统计,及时如实报送事故信息等情况;巡查有关安全生产举报信息的核查处理情况等。   此外,《安全生产巡查工作制度》中规定,国务院安委会办公室承担巡查的日常工作,原则上每两年实现各省份“全覆盖”,并开展重点约谈工作。   《安全生产巡查工作制度》还规定,被巡查地区不得指使、强令有关单位或者人员干扰、阻挠巡查工作,或者诬告、陷害他人;不得无正当理由拒不整改存在的问题或者不按要求整改;不得对反映问题人员进行打击、报复、陷害。违反以上要求的,视情节轻重,依法依规依纪严肃处理。相关的主题文章: