The life of husband and wife have not coincidence, these methods help you easily handle! hyuna

The life of husband and wife have not coincidence, these methods help you easily handle! In many cases, both husband and wife are sex, some things will happen unfortunately, sometimes let both sides a bit awkward, with couples having sex at the same time, can not relax, but sometimes these things will bring harm to the body. Here’s how to deal with the sexual life of husband and wife have not a coincidence. The first leg cramps: foot cramps mostly because of foot used his position, and was placed in a position not used for a long time, can not meet the. This happens, only the toes bent upwards, in contrast with the direction of muscle contraction, can alleviate the. Can continue, one hand to pull the toes. Nutrition experts recommend, if often cramp, there is suspicion of calcium deficiency. Go to the hospital to check your blood calcium level is normal, the usual daily calcium tablets on the body is good. Second: stuck in about ten thousand cases annually in the bedroom the pain from the zipper. When you he unzipped it, don’t worry, the clip can not be fun. Not only it is difficult to unravel, but the pain is really a bit more piercing, not to say embarrassing. Dry cleaning clothing zipper most easily jammed. If caught, the force is not good, with some candles or olive oil in the zipper, can play lubrication, help you. Third: meet when the passion is not careful when two crashes are the most common things, especially the face posture. To this end, we specially consulted with the relevant pain professionals, is not a lover, but basketball coach. His secret is a towel wrapped in ice swelling at about 20 minutes, so to promote vasoconstriction, reduce serum exudation, to stop bleeding. Has the condition to eat a piece of paracetamol, and then they can continue. Click to join the Guangdong health official group (187945286) more exciting, more benefits, and sent you oh ~ fourth: earrings will hurt or pricked ears, but the most terrible is tearing ears and earrings, ear bleeding. When should take a sanitary napkin or a soft cloth pressing hemorrhage, general one or two minutes will be good. If you are still bleeding, hurried to the hospital, but have to wear good clothes. Fifth: oppression holding too tightly to the head and neck especially caused by oppression, head and neck is stenosis of carotid artery and trachea through the oppression if passion is likely too tight, shortness of breath, so no matter who is not in the body pressure to the other side of head and neck. Department of Neurology experts pointed out that the most serious damage called sexual intercourse syncope bedroom. If who have shortness of breath, double face red, short time become unconscious, don’t panic, the lift in a well ventilated place, let the deep breathing or mouth to mouth breathing, can wake up for a while. Article 6: many self-defense in the knee as an effective attack weapon knee injury, but it is also the most vulnerable area. Kneeling on the hard floor, a long time will not help support the knee, because you were very involved, mostly ignored the pain, but if every time, knee cold severity, medicine called "old leg" after is infinite. In addition, the mat will make the knee bone rub uncomfortable. After the end, knees into a tire, a deep and a shallow, serious.

夫妻生活遇到不巧事,这些方法帮你轻松处理!在很多时候,夫妻双方正在进行性爱时,会发生一些不巧的事,有时会让双方有点尴尬,规劝夫妻在享受性生活的同时,不能放松心态,有时这些不巧的事会给身体带来伤害。下面就介绍怎样处理夫妻性生活遇到的不巧事。第一:脚抽筋脚抽筋多半是因为脚习惯了自己的位置,而一时将其置于一个并不常用的位置,时间稍长便不适应了。发生这种情况时,只需将脚趾往上弯,与肌肉收缩方向相反,就可以缓解了。可以一边继续,一边腾出手来拽脚趾。营养专家建议,如果经常脚抽筋,有缺钙嫌疑。去医院查查你的血钙水平是否正常,平时每天一片钙片对身体有益无害。第二:卡住每年约有一万例卧室中的伤痛来自裤子拉链。当你的他解开拉链的时候,千万不要急,夹住了可就不好玩了。不但一时难以解开,而且那痛还真有点撕心裂肺,更不用说多尴尬了。 干洗衣物的拉链最易卡住。万一夹住了,越用力越不好,涂抹些蜡烛或橄榄油在拉链上,可以起到润滑作用,帮助你解脱。第三:碰头当激情时不小心两头相撞是最常见的事,尤其是采用面对面姿势时。 为此,我们特地咨询了对付相关伤痛的专业人士,不是情圣,而是篮球队教练。他的秘方是用一条毛巾裹住冰敷于肿胀处大约20分钟,这样促进血管收缩,减少血清渗出,利于止血。有条件的吃一片扑热息痛,然后便可以继续了。点击加入大粤健康官方群 (187945286)更多精彩,更多福利,就差你了哦~第四:耳环耳环会刺痛或扎伤耳朵,但最要命的是耳环撕裂耳朵,而后耳垂出血不止。这时应赶紧用一团卫生棉或一块软布压按出血处,一般一两分钟就会好。如果还是出血,赶紧去医院,不过得先穿好衣服。第五:压迫抱得太紧会对头部尤其是颈部造成压迫,头颈是颈动脉和气管穿过的狭窄部位,若是激情时压迫太紧,很可能呼吸急促,所以无论谁身体在上时都不要压到对方头颈。 神经内科专家指出,最严重的卧室伤害称作房事性晕厥。若是谁出现呼吸急促,双脸泛红,短时间不省人事,先别惊慌,将其扶起置于通风处,让其深呼吸或口对口人工呼吸,一会儿就可醒过来。第六:膝盖受伤许多防身术中都将膝盖视作一个有效的攻击武器,但它也是最容易受伤的部位。跪在硬地板上,时间稍长膝盖就会支持不住,由于你非常投入,大多忽略这种痛苦,但如果次次如此,膝盖受凉程度加重,医学上称“老寒腿”的后患是无穷的。 另外,凉席也会让膝盖骨蹭得难受。下场后,双膝变成了轮胎,深一道浅一道,严重的还会磨破皮肤。所以除了垫些柔软的毛巾外,先行涂点润肤露,然后注意不断变换姿势。第七:扭伤他为你解开胸罩平均用时需27秒。如果不小心别伤,立即停手以免进一步受伤。这回我们要向攀岩运动员请教,因为卧室里的情况与他们经常面对的如出一辙。在冰箱里取一两块冰,用布包住,将其和另一手指绑在一起固定,不让它动,然后继续。 点击加入大粤健康官方群 (187945286)更多精彩,更多福利,就差你了哦~相关的主题文章: