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Business The New Facebook Metrics For most people they measure the success of their Facebook page by looking at the number of followers, .ments and views that they have per post. However, Social media marketing is more than that. It is about building connections and reviews. It is about creating buzz that connects to your network to reach beyond them to their friend of friends and so on. As a social media marketer, expanding your connection is very important. Because of this need, Facebook released a new feature that can benefit pages in connecting their network to friends of friends of friends and so on. Facebook is quantifying these connection with their new metrics for Pages. Once a product/service is launched, you will find these new details on the insight tabs which is available to the administrator of the fan page. This new feature from Facebook gives an account of all user-initiated activity related to your .pany’s page. By using this, you will gain easy access on the reach of your page’s activity. It counts the number of wall posts, .ments, likes, shares, check-ins, photo-tags and even re.mendations. The new feature also include the “Friends of Fans” and the “Weekly Total Reach”. These numbers helps business pages to gain an .anized quantification of how far a certain brand or service has gone beyond the page itself. Aside from these, the new Facebook metrics are going to launch a page level data that goes back 500 posts. In this feature, Facebook explains that “you’ll see potential reach, number of engaged users and number of people talking about the post”. by applying a “virality” score, facebook will be doing the math for you. This Virality score is the number of people talking, divided by all the people who saw it, to determine how “viral” the post is. Social media marketing through the use of Facebook marketing has never been this fun and easy! Start your business page now and be surprise on how you can connect to a huge number of potential customers in a clearly measurable way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: