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The old house renovation is the next outlet? Sohu – tourism has been said that the Internet outlet has passed, application of new technologies has broadcast, VR also gradually fever, many still in the A round or A+ round stage of the APP will fail most, although I don’t think it will be so pessimistic, but obviously, the capital market will invest in New Media applications really into the frozen period, so, also some people said that next year will be landing in the capital market, the old house renovation project entity, will become the new investment outlet. The old house renovation is indeed a very compelling market recently, and the transformation of the old location in lots of gold is more valuable, so, today launched a colorful cast in the second renewal plan, as the name implies, refers to the second ring of Beijing’s house, while the second ring basically is the most expensive in Beijing in the the Imperial Palace area, as the center of radiation out within the second ring are considered, such as Houhai, Jingshan Hill and so on. The colorful cast combined with sponsors, with the major platform resources into the note and guidance way for the core area of the city of idle house transformation, hoping to open the more than 3 thousand actual cases in the country, and the update of the first phase of the second ring in Beijing, Ling Fang Mara became one of the first round of this cooperation object it is the only catering mainly to the project entity. Ling Fang teacher at the conference site in Ling Ling Fang and Fang teacher Mara imperial art hall, art hall in Jingshan Hill in orange lady partner Yang Ling Fang Mara speaking entity project, is actually a very magical fate. Before Ling Fang teacher in the Pakistani city of Kunshan had to "Jiangsu cooperation with the local government Ling Fang magic arts hall in the city" plan, it is a pity, because the house belongs to security reinforcement, in legal considerations, the final regulations and old fire difficulties, this plan can only be set, but just two weeks ago (you’re not wrong, only two weeks ago), Ling Fang magic arts hall in Beijing was welling, and very quickly in two weeks old and began a refit and colorful investment cooperation, now has been out of bud, is growing at breakneck speed. (the magic, is a magical story, let me tell you after the interview) Ling Fang teacher accept Iqiyi’s partner as God is! If the house is now converted outlet, the Ling Fang magic is rather baffling to standing on the outlet of the pig? In fact, the magic Ling Fang did not want to become the flying pig, just want to be in the old house, to provide a new life. Ling Fang Mara in Beijing in the near Huangchenggen and Jingshan Hill, opened two restaurants, including "Ling Fang magic imperial art hall" and "Ju Ling Fang magic arts hall" in Jingshan Hill. The imperial art hall in the food court for the research topic, the Ling Fang magic world walking on food and cooking perfusion, with stateless interpretation of global best cuisine food cooking, food and wine and all artists in creation, to build twelve sets of tableware with tailored ideas. The magic of Jingshan Hill and Ling Fang Yi Tang Ju Fang for experimental theme restaurants baking kiln, all the dishes to the Ling Fang teacher is good at baking, including vegetables, soup all roasted in kiln, experiment相关的主题文章: