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Internet-Marketing How it works Pay per click is the latest buzzword in the online world. Though one can still gradually learn how to use the vast advantages of the internet, at the rate at which the industry is growing the options for slow and steady learning are clearly diminishing. Now the internet can meet your every need. The pay per click ads, work on the simple principle that your pay the website each time a viewer clicks on your displayed advertisement. Pay per click programs can turn out to be very lucrative for highly viewed websites. Pay per click ads are usually put up on related websites. For example on a music related site you may find an advertisement for an online music store. Online Advertising It is said that Google generates 90% of its revenue from online advertising. When you conduct a Google search you will find a long list of advertisements or Google Ads on the side of your browser page. These advertisements are generally in relation to your search criteria. Google Ads works in the basis of the pay per clicks programs. So the advertiser will pay Google every time a viewer clicks on their advertisements. Owing to Google being the most widely used search engine in the world and they get millions of hits per second, the pay per click ads of Google have met great success. How it is overseen Many .panies like Google with large pay per click programs have teams of employees working on their pay per click management services. It is very essential to have pay per click management services as in the face of .petition you have to ensure that your clients, the advertisers keep .ing back to you. Pay per click management services is important to ensure that there are no fraudulent activities with regards to the ads, to analyze trends and just generally monitor the pay per click programs. Even highly viewed and successful blog sites, owing to their high viewership are successfully running pay per clicks ads. Pay per clicks programs are making big inroads in the advertising world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: