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Internet-and-Business-Online However, the 12 and 13 seem to consider Instagram as innocuous and that is only reason why hordes of tweenagers are joining this smart phone app for uploading, editing, and sharing photographs. Well, you have to be at least 3 to get an Instagram account. Yet, this photo tool is as good as a social network, including all the negative aspects of social networking. Instagram and Tweenagers Heartbreaks are .mon here too. You do not get invited, or you are bullied through .ments, and your feelings get hurt. According to Founder Kevin Systrom, the functionality of social networking in Instagram was by design. Most adults look at this photo tool as an intelligent photo-sharing app where one can use amazing filters to pep up photographs. The social .ponent has merely .e as a by-product. However, Systrom strongly pointed out the legal restrictions that require users to be at least 13 to open an account. The fact is really of thisdifficult to prove the application popularity. Especially the popularity among tweens as the service does not disclose any demographic data though this might change as Facebook has closed its purchase of this photo app recently. When asked, Systrom was diplomatic. He said that the photo tool has grown in every direction; from the elderly to the 13+ age group. This growth can be attributed to the rising acceptance of iPhones and iPads. However, even if the demographic data is made available, it would scarcely reflect reality as most young users know how to bypass the condition of being 13. That could be why the data will be ineffective. If the iTunes account of every user is set correctly, then the download of the app will be stopped immediately, if one is found to be below 13. The signup process requires the user to input his/her birth date. Most tweens alter this date to create the account. Now let we discuss some hard data collected by Nielse. Instagram today is the most popular photography site among teens aged 12 to 17. In July a whopping 1 million tweenagers visited Instagram even though Nielsen did not categorize this photo tool as a social networking site. Flickr was the overall July winner. A Pew report earlier showed a surprising trend. About 45% of online 12-yr old internet users had accounts in social networking sites and the number almost doubled to 82% for the 13-yr old internet users. The most ac.plished online activity of the tweenagers is photo and video sharing. Now you know where Instagram lights the candle! Most parents were caught off-guard when it came to giving permission to use Instagram. When asked, they happily allowed thinking that their wards are showing interest in photography. No one knew how the app will be used. People were hardly aware of age restrictions. Frankly, it all depends on how a website is being used. If there is a social media angle to Instagram, it is natural that tweens will exploit that opportunity. These kids do not understand what can be posted and what needs to be left out. Cyberbullying is on the rise. Parents beware! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: