The straight hair in your heart. The gun

The straight hair in your heart. The gun? Lead: each girl has a look of your hair, you can according to their shape, color and body shape and even popular trend to choose their own hair, let you say PC sauce this year’s popular hairstyle, I am afraid you can easily say! (source: PClady) straight hair is not the most original love this several but you know what? The popular LONGBOB, half ball head really is your husband, boyfriend’s love straight? PC sauce have to find dozens of straight vote! Do you want to know the result? PC sauce after seeing that quite surprisingly straight hair not love ~ the most original is that several 50 people participated in the voting, OMG! PC sauce really did not expect, half straight do not love is not love ball head, BOB head also accounted for 1/5. The reason they do not love the ball head, single ball head old lady, that’s a picture of Na Zha, two balls. This vote can not be used as a standard basis, but also from the side reflects the girls favorite hairstyle is not necessarily a boy like. Of course, a girl will say the ball head, choose the meatball head because PC sauce to choose is a double figure. Don’t worry you adorable, PC sauce and put half ball head of recent fires photos, as well as low a look at pictures of them. Results: the results of PC style sauce was embarrassed to fried day surprise! Most do not love the straight hair directly said not so hate! The straight hair is the best love can say. See it! Half ball head recently you proud in the eyes is straight with the ordinary ball head has no big difference. Then here comes the question! What love girlfriend what stay straight hair? Only love black long straight straight with only love black long straight black long straight this timeless classic is their perpetual love! In their eyes, the girls will be black long straight! Short hair can not accept, what is a ghost? Black long straight Goddess: Zhao Liying Liu Yifei can accept two degree straight long hair dyeing can accept long hair dyeing this form, but LONG BOB head looks or short hair, not love. Long hair Goddess: three degrees straight ball head Angela Baby Ni Ni half can barely accept half the ball head can barely accept low meatball head what is a ghost? Half ball head: Zhang Tianai can accept LONG BOB head four degrees straight hair is not so pleasant, most of them do not love BOB hair, but LONG BOB can accept the head oh! LONG BOB head of the Goddess: Yang Mi has won all the straight love you found? No love is not straight up! Goddess: the hair straight hair is the original love this you shot? Lim Yoona straight love has you have to learn a few tricks 1. Fresh, stylish, fashionable hair refreshing ponytail.相关的主题文章: