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Arts-and-Entertainment However, population growth in the contribution of the Chinese economy, many people can not rely solely on the advantages of low wages to maintain economic growth, but to rely on scientific and technological progress, ugg classic tall sale by labor productivity, rely on human resources "bonus" rather than a simple labor "bonus."From the demographic characteristics, China’s large working-age population, abundant labor resources. 2010 population aged 15 to 59 940 million, 70% of the total population, "five-second" slow down after the peak period, but 2045 years ago, working-age population remains at more than 800 million, more than the .bined populations of Europe. Therefore, the future is not the amount of labor shortages in China, long way to go to achieve full employment.Capacity from the market size, China is in a very long period of time will remain the world’s largest and fastest-growing emerging markets. "Global .petitiveness Report 2010-2011" shows that the 139 entries from 27 economies ranked. uggs bailey button triplet Primary .petitive advantage lies in the huge domestic and international market. China’s per capita in.e is still in rapid growth phase, demand potential, as long-term rapid economic growth driving a powerful driving force.Change from the trend of wage in.e, there is an affordable room for growth. With labor productivity, price volatility and upward social security system continues to improve in the future growth of China’s labor costs are reasonable is an objective trend, which is the reform and development workers to share the results, adjust the distribution relations and an important manifestation of improving people’s livelihood. China’s current labor costs in developed countries is only about 1 / 20 ~ 1 / 10, also lower than some developing countries. At the same time the labor market supply and demand determines the level of overall labor costs still relatively low, still has a large .petitive advantage.From the quality of labor, population overall is not high quality human resources is the full impact of the bottleneck, especially in the rural culture of working-age population is not high. ugg bailey button In the contemporary economy, fierce .petition, national strength, the size of the economic development potential, more and more dependent on improved quality of workers and human capital accumulation; the bottleneck of economic growth is increasingly reflected in the shortage of high-quality human capital .It should be said, focus on improving the quality of the population, building strong human resources, to solve the population problem has be.e the co-ordination and improve core .petitiveness, ensure sustainable economic growth. Must be done to improve the quality of the population, increase years of education, ugg classic short to develop high school and vocational education and training to adapt to changes in industrial structure, labor force, enhance the quality of the population bonus, increase total factor productivity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: