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The tourists eat 4 thousand yuan "Scar" crab on the table after the "Scar" no – Sohu news came to Guangzhou to eat seafood dinner, 4000 yuan a fresh crab was replaced with a dead crab on the table? New Express (reporter Zhu Shuoran) reported on September 19th, recently, tourists from Hubei Zhang Mi (a pseudonym) told the media that Guangzhou is located in the Panyu fishermen’s Village (Yingbin Road) headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the fisherman village headquarters) has happened. On the table, there is a clear "Scar" (pictured customers shooting, source: Express) complaints: I think a "Scar" crab switch Zhang Mi family from Hubei, in late September 14th, she and several friends came to Guangzhou, going to eat a big meal after a holiday to Zhuhai. We are a total of 10 adults and 5 children, and finally in a friend’s recommendation to go on the fishermen’s village." Zhang Mi said, a lot of people ordered a lot of dishes, which is a main course weighs 9.6 pounds of imperial crab, the price of about $4000. On the table, "Scar" disappeared (figure for the customer shooting source: New Express) "when the order for everyone to feel this crab crab crab is very strange, head of the shell is a little bent, one leg root and it’s obvious" scar "." Zhang Mi said, we feel fun, then take pictures saved, responsible for weighing the waiter told them, "this scar does not affect consumption. After the table, such as food, Zhang a pedestrian was found inappropriate. "A friend just ate a mouthful and found that the taste is not right, the feeling is dead crab." Zhang Mi said, then she will crab over, and before the photos to do comparison, we found that the two are not the same crab. The head is, "no scar", seems to do the same beauty." Zhang Mi scared to say, if not friends eat crab, that taste wrong, did not find the crab by switching on the. "We set the hotel that night in Zhuhai, with the children also want to go to the rest of the past, we asked to go first." Zhang Mi said, when I got up, the restaurant suddenly called a group of security requirements, the first bill before leaving. Subsequently, Zhang Bao first call 12315 rights hotline, and then the police for help. According to Zhang Mi introduction, under the coordination of the police, the restaurant responsible person agreed to dispense with the crab 4000 yuan, Zhang Mi and others settled another 6000 multivariate meals and ultimately able to leave. "At that time is a thinking does not affect the second day of the trip, after all, second children present, so we have to pay, but the evidence is certain to find restaurants, after the rights." Zhang Mi said. The photo and the table is the same as the crab yet unable to confirm the question for Zhang Mi et al, yesterday (September 18th) afternoon Fisher headquarters responsible Ms. Lin responded that after receiving complaints, the store in 20 minutes to make the king crab free decision, but because the entire service process has ended, food are aligned and the customers eat almost, so the restaurant side requires customers to pay 6428 yuan for the rest of the. The two sides have differences on this issue, and ultimately resolved after the alarm. Every day, we have a lot of diners to take pictures of the aquatic area, and sometimes finished on the.相关的主题文章: