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Business As a child the best part of the school week was show and tell. You could explain to your friends just how extra cool your thing was, but until they saw it with their own eyes it was all just hot air. Now we can have show and tell on incredibly important topics. Utilizing video production to disseminate your information makes a huge difference on how the messages are received. From health and safety videos that can save lives to staff induction videos that set the path for a great career with your company; the time for show and tell is now. The health and safety of our fellow staff and us is of paramount importance. Producing a health and safety video will have long-term positive affects on everyone in your company. Video production allows you to illustrate the dangers that must be avoided to keep your staff health and whole and on the job. An in house health and safety video lets employees know that you value them and their well being. It can also serve as a vehicle to lessen your liability should an incident occur, since you will know that every effort has been made to show the safe practices you have in place. You know that your company has a lot to offer, and video production of a corporate video is the ideal mechanism to share that with the world at large. The uses of a corporate video are limited only by your imagination. For securing new clients this can be the strongest tool in your kit. Two dimensional pictures and prose will only get so much of your message across. The motion and dynamic qualities available though video production of your corporate video will draw the viewer in with a much higher interest level. As a recruiting tool the corporate video is unbeatable. It lets you show in unique ways the culture that is your company, a place that the prospective employee will be spending hours and hopefully years as a productive member of the group. What better way than show and tell to get them excited about the benefits of coming to work for your company than the use of a corporate video? Training videos will improve your bottom line while keeping your employees directed and on task. People have different styles of learning, and they absorb information at different rates from different sources. Some will do well with the spoken word. Others are show me individuals that need to see to understand. And many can grasp concepts just by reading about a topic. Via video production you can insure that all three styles are being met and that the important messages are getting across. With the permanent record of training videos you also have the option of review as needed. If someone is having any kind of a struggle you have the option of offering an informational review at any time because you took the time to get that information together through video production. When it comes to training an individual on the way your company needs to have things done a training video is an exceptional mechanism. As a result you get employees that are clear in their understanding of their job description. They are up to speed and producing in a very short period of time. Most companies have one individual that is recognized as an exceptional trainer, and some who may not be at the top of the game. The best person may not always be available, or perhaps they are the best trainer because they are so good at their job. In that case it benefits you to keep them working. As a cost factor you will experience significant savings when you consider the option of having your staff train new members directly. The company is impacted twice: first by the expense of the trainers time and secondly by their loss of productivity during that period. By using video production in your training videos you can insure that every single employee gets the best training your company has to offer, and they get it every time through a consistent message at a cost that is very manageable. Hiring and training expenses can add up quickly, and one of the most expensive things that can happen to a company is a revolving door of continuous hiring. Avoid that trap by using a thorough process of staff induction videos. The say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. After the process of finding the right match between your company and the person you have chosen to bring on board it is time to set the stage for the reality of being a part of your company. Delivering that message in a consistently positive way is invaluable, and can easily be accomplished through the use of staff induction videos. This is your opportunity to shine with the new hire, and utilization of video production for that message will help strengthen the relationship between the new employee and the company. With the goal of a long-term relationship on both sides, a quality induction video can be an important step in getting there. The use of video production can be a positive influence one every single aspect of a corporation. Start with your initial contact in the marketplace. Get your branding and messaging out there consistently through the use of corporate videos. You can insure that the entire realm of people you want to do business with will be seeing your company the way you want to have it seen through video production. From visual images that can transcend language barriers to conveying extremely complex concepts that will impact the health and wealth of your people, video production will get the message out there. It will get the message out there in a way that you can control, in a way that is consistent to meet your company goals and create solid images to reinforce your position in the marketplace. In all aspects of the corporate world there is a place that can be enhanced through the use of video production and the messages that will send for you. This is not just a trend; the use of Health and Safety Video has become mainstream and integral to the communication of our age. We now have generations that have been raised on the medium. They are not just consumers; they are your peers in business, your competitors, your prospective clients and your prospective employees. You can use video production to contact them all. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: