The way to avoid relegation Luneng bitter rise to take a longer route-yo te amo

The way to avoid relegation Luneng bitter rise to take a longer route Majiate to avoid relegation to complete the task of Niu Zhiming’s "2016 Taishan evening news, thank you, never abandon; 2017, when I rise, return to you." When Luneng generals while holding the banner Xie field, they also do not know, has been ahead of the relegation. Xie field atmosphere somewhat depressed, some fans expressed very excited, they do not know in advance to avoid relegation. When the team came to the north stand, Wang Dalei stood up and said sorry to the fans. I’m sorry to say that! Because the team this season, let the fans feel alarmed, so avoid relegation, not easy. The face of Lifan, win relegation, this is a very clear situation. Majiate Paibingbuzhen a coup, Zhao Mingjian right winger Tong Wang right back, Usire and Hao Junmin midfielder, Li Songyi and Gil in the middle. According to the Kaerdeke Lifan and Fernando a pair of fast, Majiate wants to play Tong Wang speed advantage, limit the opponent’s attack. The game was very close, Lifan in advance to avoid relegation did not relax, all the main battle they made repeated threats to luneng. Luneng need a goal, can be a chance to slip away, until the pellet with a world-class stopping extraordinary volley after the deadlock was broken. The goal is absolutely world class, Paley prove himself, but he failed to bring victory. Zhang Wailong replaced Gigliotti as Lifan equaliser, at that moment, Luneng stadium quiet scary. Again before the kick-off, Cisse annoyed pounding, everyone knows what it means to draw. To attack, Luneng throw the helve after the hatchet. This Majiate didn’t do personnel adjustment, he wants them to spell out the last miracle. A door for an always on tenterhooks, the goal can be really not so easy. Lifan tenacious hold a regret, Luneng failed to win. The moment of the end of the game, the scene is very quiet, Paley squatting in the box, Gil collapsed on the ground. This ball, Luneng players really spell, but the result is so cruel. Took out the prepared banners, 18 words above is very clear: "thank you, 2016, 2017, I never abandon; rise, return to you." At this time, the players face are not too many expressions, because they do not know how their own destiny. I have been shooting Xie field video, but before the shooting, I have been in micro-blog made a successful relegation, luneng. The message was sent to the Luneng players and coaches, a lot of people’s face, only to relax some. In the whole process of Xie field, he participated in, he was behind the team. The fans are very excited shouting, clapping by way of responding to paley. The team went to the north stand, the team took the stand, Wang Dalei fans handed me a big horn, the expression for the fans to thank the fans, sincerely say sorry, look forward to next year, can fight together, can have a happy ending. This sentence sorry, the general said, Luneng is not easy, not easy to fans. Feel alarmed a season, the last in such a way as to avoid relegation. Remember the 2012.相关的主题文章: