The woman playing the first cantilever hanging sleep (Figure) – Sohu news demonophobia

The woman playing "the first cantilever" "hanging" sleep (Figure) – put Sohu news Ms. Yang on the subway "hanging" Metro "the first cantilever position high position" high energy users: do not hurt the neck? Hunger comes, food falls, sleep comes." In a word, it shows the normal life of people, which makes the busy city people in the city "practice" out of high-energy sleep position. Recently, friends @ Lynn brother as long as normal man food "in the micro-blog map on bid, said see terrorist act in the Metro Line 6: a woman dressed in black hair, with a scarf in the light of the handrail rings, head hanging on the scarf," hanging "attitude of dozing off. City will play!" "This is the fear of long buried anti neck pain?" "Why don’t you go to heaven?""…… The netizens’ comments were more of a joy. Yesterday, the reporter contacted the broke the net friend, she claimed to be Rowling, 24 years old. Haha, she is to give no place to find a comfortable place." Rowling told reporters, in the picture with "hanging" wonderful sleeping position of the people, she is a friend surnamed yang. In February 15th, they were three people to go to Beibei for another mutual friend when the maid, after the busy subway line 6 to hongqihegou halfway, everybody very tired. "I was immersed in the rest, and so on to see the scene, simply laughed, and then took a picture, sent to the internet." Subsequently, the reporter through Rowling contacted the protagonist in the picture Ms. yang. "Strongly recommend light rail seats to improve comfort, so that tired people can sleep well."." Ms. Yang said, with the scarf tied way to doze, is inspired by the usual mother’s spine traction, but let her neck very uncomfortable. Reporters noted that, Chongqing local micro-blog big V "everyone loves Chongqing", but also for this wonderful sleep method launched a vote, in the participation of more than 1500 netizens, 53.4% of the netizens vote "creative", this sleep I give full marks!" The rest of the netizens are worried about choosing "don’t be naughty, pay attention to safety"!" Remind the emergency Yile neck injury take rail transit should be Caution! In this regard, Chongqing rail transit a staff member said the passenger’s wonderful sleep behavior, although not to hurt others, but in the case of emergency braking and other emergency situations will hurt the neck, there are security risks. He reminded the public, rail transportation should pay attention to safety, in order to avoid accidents. Air city newspaper reporter blue Qian respondents for map

女子地铁大玩“头悬梁” “上吊”姿势睡觉(图)-搜狐新闻 杨女士在地铁上摆出的“上吊”状高能睡姿   地铁惊现“头悬梁”高能睡姿 网友:确定不会勒伤脖子?   “饥来则食,困来即眠。”一句话道出了人们生活的常态,这让城市中奔波忙碌的都市人还“练”出了高能睡姿。近日,网友“@琳哥只要正常男人的食量”在微博上拍图爆料,称在地铁6号线上看到恐怖一幕:一位穿黑衣的短发女子,用围巾系在轻轨扶手吊环上,头挂在围巾上,以“上吊”姿态打起瞌睡来。“城会玩!”“这是怕长久埋头防颈肩痛吗?”“你咋不上天呢”……网友们的评论更是一片欢乐。   昨日,记者联系上了该爆料网友,她自称叫罗琳,今年24岁。“哈哈,她就是想给无处安放的脑袋找个舒服的地儿。”罗琳告诉记者,图片中用“上吊”的奇葩睡姿的人,是她一位姓杨的好友。2月15日,她们一行三人到北碚去给另一位共同的朋友当伴娘,忙完后乘地铁6号线到红旗河沟,中途大家都十分疲惫。“我本来在埋头休息,等抬头看到这个场景,简直笑喷了,就随手拍了张图发上网。”   随后,记者通过罗琳联系上了图片里的主角杨女士。“强烈建议轻轨座位提高舒适度,让疲惫的人可以好眠。”杨女士称,借助围巾挂靠的方式打瞌睡,是受到了平日母亲做脊椎牵引的启发,但让她脖子很勒不舒服。   记者注意到,重庆本地微博大V“人人爱重庆”,还针对这一奇葩睡法发起投票,在参与的1500多名网友中,53.4%的网友投票“有创意,这睡法我给满分!”其余网友则很担忧选择“别调皮,注意安全啊!”   提醒   遇突发情况易勒伤脖子 乘坐轨道交通应注意安全   对此,重庆市轨道交通一名工作人员表示,这位乘客的奇葩睡法,行为虽然没有对其他人造成伤害,但如遇紧急刹车等突发情况会勒伤脖子,存在安全隐患。他提醒广大市民,乘坐轨道交通应注意安全,以免发生意外。   临空都市报记者 蓝倩 受访者供图相关的主题文章: