This shrimp, was fried out of the color of gold, to be an essential part of the Hakka feast dishes – misao

This was the fried shrimp, Jinsha color, to Hakka specialty Sohu feast essential change from white to gourmet kitchen and, perhaps the most happy is himself, but as behind, often eat dishes as "mouse" lover, is there are many untold stories. The flowers begin to fall in love with delicacy, can be said to drive a duck onto a perch. And engaged in the work of IT, has been met for 20 years, we are junior high school students, such an enviable love, when the real into the marriage hall, and we must deal with the fuel. Marry another woman, and the kitchen. I always start out wine and dine, extremely handsome spent the first two years of marriage. So all the streets and lanes delicacy two people began to look forward to, with the temperature of Home Dishes. However, at the beginning of the day of cooking is not smooth, a garlic fried meat, meat cut size, the taste is very salty, pan is a black. I can not bear to taste the taste of food, I can not bear to look directly at each meal, I can not eat any food, mr.. It is also the tolerance and encouragement of the guests, so that the determination of the flowers must be made into a real food dishes, color and taste are not inferior. So, I find a recipe from the delicacy website, learn from the most simple dishes. The Jinsha corn is the first line of the Arctic shrimp, really let Mr. praise food, he always love to eat shrimp, and Salted Duck Egg is his love, often is the rice soup with a Salted Duck Egg is a meal. At that time, or even the shrimp line to pick out the bad me, they take a shortcut, online shopping with a sweet and full of shrimp seed Arctic sweet shrimp, and collocation of sweet corn and duck’s egg yolk. That time to do this dish, but also will not set the dish, but to see the special flavor of the students to eat, saying that this is the best dish I do. Therefore, such a love is to encourage the dishes, to the flowers more power for two years, from the kitchen into the senior White gourmet circles, with more of their delicacy columns, hundreds of thousands of fans follow my steps to learn recipes. Flowers believe: only love and food can not live up to! Here, and friends to share this simple and not simple golden corn corn shrimp, taste fresh and fragrant, golden color. Need: Ingredients: 300 grams of shrimp (from the sea to buy imported seafood) sweet corn: 100 grams of cooked salted egg yolk: 3 salt: the amount of practice: 1, purchase of food, I always very hard. Arctic shrimp, meat is tight, delicious sweet, especially seed lot, very delicious, and is cooked, can be eaten thawing. Rinse directly, Hot pot mix salad, cooking, cooking and so very convenient. 2, ready to need the ingredients, the Arctic shrimp out about half an hour to thaw. 3, the amount of water to boil, add corn, boiled fish. 4, after the thaw of the Arctic shrimp water rinse, drain water. Sit in the hot pan, add appropriate amount of edible oil, oil to burn to 7 into heat (the emergence of relatively dense small bubbles), into the Arctic shrimp fried to crisp micro. 5, egg yolk Yongshao crushed into mud. 6, the pot put a little base oil, salty oh相关的主题文章: