Three reasons or to help the country to defeat Kunming home Qatar – Sohu

Three reasons or to help the country to defeat Kunming home Qatar? Sohu sports training tomorrow, nearly half a month of the Orangemen will usher in the 12 round of the fifth game, and this is also the national football coach Lippi took office the first race. Prior to the 4 game, the country is not a victory. In the face of Qatar team, two team group A bottom team eyes are only 3 points, but compared to Qatar, China has three major advantages of foot! A country full, Lippi let the team regain confidence strong soldiers and sturdy horses! Lippi’s football coach, is the largest X factors in the 12 match of group A, many of the opponents because of the arrival of Lippi began to sit up and take notice China team. Compared with the former candidate Lippi Gao Hongbo, it is expected to be. The coach "Hengda" player for the foundation, with the state of good players in the league, consisting of the China team, whether it is power or confidence, have increased significantly compared to the Gao Hongbo period! Rebuild the confidence of the Orangemen, strong soldiers and sturdy horses! Two, the opponent became exhausted soldiers plateau have obvious advantages Qataris the 12 tour, staged a "real man" in the way?. As of press time, Qatar have not yet arrived in Kunming, but this time from the start to the match, only more than and 30 hours left, the Qataris don’t have much time. In order to prepare for the game, the country is carefully selected for the Qatari plateau home in Kunming, when the altitude sickness will help the country foot! Three, the Qatar National Football psychological advantage of domestic trouble and foreign invasion! At present, the Qatar’s domestic trouble and foreign invasion. In the national team training camp before the Qatar team received FIFA ticket. Because in September 1st the Qatar vs Iran game four players involved in the fight, Qatar has been banned for + fines, certainly absent last November 15th the Warring States Football competition. The opponent before 1915, this is undoubtedly a good news for Chinese football. In addition, the Qatar team 12 finals to play well, the past 4 games only one victory, they just Huanshuai state is not good Chinese team. Plus this year the evening of March 29th, the Orangemen won chanshe Huang Bowen world wave and Wu Lei, with a 2-0 win over Qatar team reached 12 games. This victory for half a year ago, players set a big psychological advantage in the heart!相关的主题文章: