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Marketing Ever wonder what makes a look feel European rather than American? Is it a design style, a sense of flair, or a difference in attitude? The answer is all three. The same differences apply in trade show exhibiting. In the U.S. the thrust of the trade show display booth is often product-oriented and sometimes solely focused on sales and marketing. In Europe, however, the trade show display is viewed as a way to showcase the personality of the entire company, not just a particular product line. Exceptional trade show exhibit quality combined with superb design, crowd-pleasing features and durability are the norm in Europe. European trade show exhibitors also demand greater attention to quality, detail, functionality, and longevity in their trade show displays than is customary for American trade show displays. Part of the reason for this is that trade shows and exhibitions in Europe last much longer and are usually more costly for participants. Unlike the U.S. with its disposable mentality, European trade show exhibits are meant to last for years. The question, then, is how to blend the two by having a trade show exhibit in the U.S. that combines European flair with quality of design as well as durability. To be fair, the trade show display market in the U.S. already has a heavy foreign influence incorporating various types of light weight metals and fabrics. But when you add crisp, compelling design and durability to the mix, you gain the key ingredients to evoking a European style trade show exhibit. Many trade show exhibitors want to know how to capture the essence of European style in their trade show booths in the U.S. The solution is to adhere to the following four principles. They are: 1. Incorporate clean, crisp, elegant design lines. Design your trade show exhibit with clarity in mind. Use low-key, eye-catching aesthetics to showcase your entire company’s message. 2. Use light-weight, high-tech, top quality materials. Since trade show display materials and labor, both to build and to erect/disassemble the display, are more costly in Europe, the use of quality, light weight materials can help to reduce labor costs. Use a solid base structure that can utilize very strong, lightweight aluminum extrusions to form the physical and design backbone of your trade show display. Have a trade show exhibit booth that is durable yet highly transportable. If you do, you will be able to have a fast assembly and rapid, fool-proof exhibit breakdown saving you time and money. This way, you get to use quality materials while saving on labor costs. An example of the European-inspired trade show exhibit is the EuroSys’ display product line. EuroSys’ display is noted for its clean lines, simplicity of construction, ease of assembly, and use of light weight, high-tech top-quality materials. Using state-of-the-art aluminum extrusion materials, EuroSys ‘ displays feature stability yet are lightweight platforms offering customer-facing solutions. Straight and curved modular elements in varying lengths work together in virtually limitless combinations to create a unique, personalized, amazingly flexible exhibit booth 3. Offer European hospitality. Take a tip from the business culture in Europe that demands hospitality in their trade show display arenas. Pay attention to the traffic flow inside your booth to enable face- to -face interactions. The need to humanize your business is key to a successful trade show exhibit. The ideal trade show display encourages personal contact by allowing a fluid traffic flow within the display and having careful placement of display design elements for maximum efficiency and accessibility to product demonstrations, product displays, and marketing literature. 4. Incorporate Flexibility. Use modular elements to create unique, personalized, and flexible trade show display booths. Make sure your trade show exhibit can be readily configured to meet changing demands, from layout reconfigurations and booth size differences, to easily changed graphics for different product lines or show audiences. By featuring a trade show booth with European flair and design, you will establish a unique trade show exhibit style, boost attendance and convey your company’s identity in a smart, contemporary way. You will be well on the way to a having a successful trade show display experience. This is true wherever you have your custom trade show exhibit, custom modular exhibit or trade show exhibit rental, whether the trade show exhibit is at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the Santa Clara Convention Center or the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: