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Trump insulted women scandal continues to ferment several party members request the withdrawal – Beijing, China News Agency, Washington, October 8 Xinhua (reporter Zhang Yuran) the United States Republican presidential candidate Trump insulted women’s scandal continues to ferment, as of 8, at least 3 Republican senators and members of the federal congressman asked Trump to withdraw from the election, let the other people carried the banner of the republican. But Trump stressed that he would never withdraw. Washington Post and other media exposure of 7 Trump 2005 in private places and entertainment show host Billy Bush? A recorded conversation, when he was with his third wife Rania married mei. Trump described the failure of his attempt to seduce a married woman in a vulgar language, saying that as a star, she can do whatever she wants". He used some of the words involved in women’s body and even private parts, with an obvious insult color. Trump’s remarks caused a great disturbance in American society, even by many media as the election of the "October surprise". After being widely criticized by Democrats and Republicans, Trump issued a statement late in the evening of 7, but at the same time stressed that the former president, Bill, private remarks than their own, the more severe, the more serious, the more serious, the worse, the worse, the worse, the worse, the worse". Data figure: U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump delivered a speech. China News Agency reporter Liao Pan, the current Republican Party has appeared to ask the voice of the withdrawal of the election of Trump. Nebraska Senator Sass said 8 days, the character is very important, Trump was clearly unable to win the election, he can still choose to leave with dignity, let the running mate, Indiana governor Burns for candidate position. Utah Senator Mike Lee and Illinois senator Kirk also explicitly called for the withdrawal of Mr. Trump. Lee said that Trump should let other people carry the "Republican Party principle" banner, rather than continue to drag on the American people. Kirk said that Republicans should be launched the emergency mechanism to replace Trump. Colorado congressman Kauffman said that Democratic presidential candidate Hilary? Clinton’s 4 years in power is not the "best choice", to the overall interests of the United States, in order to give Republicans a chance to defeat Hilary, Trump now should withdraw from the election. Arizona Senator John Fleck has not explicitly asked Trump to withdraw from the election, but on twitter said that "the United States is a better candidate than trump". Trump, 8, in an interview with the U.S. media stressed that he would never withdraw, he never took the initiative to quit this life, he believes he will get a lot of support. Data figure: Trump. For now, so Trump has not yet returned to the mainstream Republican opinion. Although the chairman of the Republican National Committee Puri Bose, the speaker of the house of Representatives and the Ruian Senate majority leader Mcconnell and other executives have issued a strongly criticized the statement tough, but did not withdraw the Trump endorsement". Including Politico, including U.S. media analysts said, replacing Trump is not feasible". In theory, because of internal rules and regulations are vague, senior Republicans cannot replace the National Party Congress formally elected candidate)相关的主题文章: