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Ukulele Lessons: Caring For Your Ukulele By: Audrey Tan | Feb 10th 2016 – Like any other instrument, your ukulele requires handling with delicacy and care. The ukulele is a delicate instrument that produces lovely sounds, but it will only give you good and long service if you maintain it properly. Without proper care, ukuleles can get warped, lose their beautiful tones and even simply disintegrat … Tags: Why Take Ukulele Lessons? By: Audrey Tan | Nov 8th 2015 – In the recent years, ukulele has established a stronger presence in the music world than ever before. There are uke classes, uke websites and even uke fests! Big names like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton have been uke lovers. Even Ge.e Harrison declared that "��everyone should have and play a uke"��. But let"��s not take h … Tags: Ukulele Lessons Are Easy For Your Children By: Audrey Tan | Jul 10th 2015 – Of all the musical instruments that you can ask your child to learn and be good at, it is the ukulele that is most appropriate for them. It is not daunting like the usual guitar, and it is small enough so that they can easily control it. Ukulele lessons are also quite easy, and before you know it your children will be playi … Tags: 8 Qualities To Look For In Your Ukulele Teacher By: Audrey Tan | May 31st 2015 – So you"��ve finally decided that you are going for a lesson in ukulele, that is all very good. But there is another important decision that you have to make to get the most out of the lessons. You must find ukulele teachers that will help you get to the next levels of your skills. Tags: Ukulele Lessons: Tips For Beginners By: Audrey Tan | May 6th 2015 – Learning to play the ukulele can be fun, exciting and soothing. A good beginning is a job half done, so it is good to keep some things in mind when you begin lessons for learning to play the ukulele. Unlike experienced players who have a set routine and have developed an ear for understanding any potential problems that mig … Tags: Practice Tips To Enhance Your Ukulele Lessons (part 2 Of 2) By: Audrey Tan | Apr 7th 2015 – Many would agree that the ukulele looks like a fun and easy musical instrument. But learning to play the ukulele entails work and dedication. In spite of having that laid-back and carefree vibe, you need to reinforce your ukulele lessons with practice. Tags: Ukulele Lessons 101 By: Pamelina Siow | Dec 24th 2009 – The ukulele is a wonderful instrument. Since it is Hawaiian, it’s mostly associated with the beach and its pleasures. This makes it ideal for playing relaxed, happy tunes; who can help picturing a beautiful tiki dancer while listening to a transporting Hawaiian ukulele tune? Tags: What You Can Expect From Ukulele Lessons By: Pamelina Siow | Oct 15th 2009 – A ukulele is usually made of wood and is played with fingertips, bare thumb or with the use of a felt pick. And to begin your learning on how to play this instrument, the ukulele, here are some tips and information you should know. Tags: Advantages Of Hiring A Ukulele Teacher By: Pamelina Siow | Oct 8th 2009 – When you want to take ukulele lessons, what would you prefer? Hire a private ukulele teacher or attend a ukulele class in a group ukulele session? Tags: 相关的主题文章: