Using A Professional Lead Capture Page Can Take Your Business Much

Internet-and-Business-Online A professiona internet marketer recently said because of his lead capture page he is able to average $1 per month per subscriber in in.e. That may not seem like much until you realize that he has over 20000 subscribers! The lesson here is if your goal is to build a long term profitable and residual internet business than having a lead capture page is absolutely necessary. Once you learn how to effectively use this all important page you too can be one of those earning thousands from your thousands of subscribers. As you navigate your way around the internet looking at various websites take a good look at all the lead capture pages (also known as "landing page") you see. They basically have three .ponents: an eye catching title; some type of visual (picture or video) relevant to your business or .pany’s product or service; and the all important opt in box. Your targeted audience will help determine how you advertise your lead capture page. The eye catching heading must be one that appeals to the interest of those you’re trying to entice. Too often headings on landing pages are generic or have a hidden meaning that only a few understand which can actually confuse the average visitor to your site. Make sure that when someone lands on your page they can easily discern what it is you’re promoting. To stand out from other landing pages of similar content the visual you apply to your page is very important. An attention getting video is ideal. Keep it short but effective. If not a video the use of a colorful and detailed picture can also have a lasting effect. I recently came across a website title that had something to do with cars. When I landed on the lead capture page I immediately saw a great colorful picture of 3 old restored Fords parked in a garage. It had a very vintage look to it. I immediately knew what they were promoting on their site. That’s what you want to ac.plish with your landing page. Instant recognition. But that’s only the beginning. The most important part is the opt in box. This is where you will get visitors to subscribe or sign up. You capture their information including their name and email address. To do this you generally have to offer something of interest to them such as a free report or free membership to something if they fill out the online form. Once you have this information it’s as if you have struck gold. By using an autoresponder you can now follow up consistently offering product promotions and informative material. This is important because most people don’t make a decision to buy something until the fifth of sixth contact. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: