Wang Feng 1935 secret contact Yang Hucheng vent gun battle crackdown midd-885

Wang Feng 1935 secret contact Yang Hucheng "fake vent gun battle" [Abstract] about a month, and Secretary Wang Juren for many times after consultation, to determine the 4 agreement between the 1 sides: keep original, nonaggression, when necessary prior notice, empty gun, hit the sham battle, to to cope with the environment; 2, the two sides can send representatives…… Before the incident in Xi’an, a secret mission of his father in the autumn of 1935, my father Wang Feng personally appointed by Mao Zedong, to the Red Army on behalf of the identity of Xi’an and general Yang Hucheng to negotiate in order to achieve the purpose of joint anti japanese. In the following time, the father and other comrades together to develop a detailed plan of the negotiations, a careful study of the details of the negotiations, the negotiations may be a problem in the preparation of countermeasures. Later, my father got a Chairman Mao and Peng Dehuai respectively to general Yang Hucheng, general Deng Baoshan and Du Bincheng senior Senate letter, these letters and the party’s "81 declaration" sewn on a long gown, worn on the body, as Mr. Tao Zhang left the central station. Shortly after arriving in Xi’an, general Yang Hucheng made an appointment with my father in his new office. Yang Hucheng’s attitude is very cold, he put forward two questions: first, Yang Sun Yuru in the Hanzhoung garrison, and the Red Army had reached a secret agreement, according to the agreement to help the Reds, but the Red Army without notice in case of a sudden attack on Hanzhoung, the Yang Department suffered a great loss; second, the national government has repeatedly accused Yang call, police brigade of the three Zhang Hanmin is a member of the Communist Party of China, let Yang and Yang, has not been ignored, while the Reds have ambush to kill my father; to explain. The father said, the general is a military family, Hanzhoung is a basin, to destroy the sun red, can hold the pass around is definitely not a way to annihilate, push. The purpose of this campaign is to attack the Red Army, the threat of Hanzhoung Tianshui, Tianshui is Hu Zongnan’s lair, mobilize their back, so that the Red Army and the Red Army. In fact, the campaign has also achieved a campaign effect, Hu Zongnan really retracement. At the same time, it is because the Red Army abide by the agreement, the Ministry is not affected by the sun, to prevent the huzongna department in Hanzhoung, sun Bucai has the opportunity to develop. At the same time, the father frankly admit that Zhang Hanmin is indeed a Communist Party, because of misunderstanding was killed, this is a major loss of my party, but the general is also able to prove this to Jiang Jieshi, you do not have the Communist party. At the same time, general Yang Hucheng stated the Red Army’s Anti Japanese ideas and the purpose of joint. General Yang Hucheng’s attitude gradually eased, and Mr. Wang Juren’s secretary, introduced to his father, said by the king on his behalf to discuss specific ways of cooperation. My father lived in military, in addition to talk to Wang Juren, also often go out, see Du Bincheng et al., anti Japanese propaganda that the Red Army, and received praise from Du Bincheng. One day, the military Commissioner Zhang Yizhong told my father that his activity has caused the attention of the outside world. Yang has been ordered, if my father was arrested by the KMT, must grab back, grab it, but also to the dead, my father must pay attention to safety. After about a month, and Secretary Wang Juren for many times after consultation, to determine the 4 agreement between the 1 sides: keep original, non aggression)相关的主题文章: