WeChat small program has been blasting circle of friends why Zhang Xiaolong unhappy-douke

WeChat small program has been blasting a circle of friends why Zhang Xiaolong unhappy unknowingly, WeChat has become a giant. At the beginning, I am afraid that Zhang Xiaolong would not have thought that one day, WeChat will be able to move every move can cause the Internet ring vibration. The evening of November 3rd, WeChat public platform announcement, WeChat announced a small program officially open beta. This is WeChat’s "small test", has led to the circle of friends scraper. It is reported that the small program beta, developers can access WeChat public platform application, and allows the products submitted to the WeChat public platform does not support the audit, but temporarily released. In addition, WeChat app beta temporarily open only to the enterprise, government, media and other organizations, individual WeChat public, temporarily unable to participate in the beta program. At this stage, each agency account only allowed to register up to 50 small programs, each program a year to pay 300 dollars, all small procedures account are required to bind an electronic mailbox, a mobile phone number can only bind 5 small programs. Some analysts believe that the program will be the last batch of WeChat traffic bonus. In this regard, there are people waiting, but there are also people with. So, we are very nervous "apps" really mean? This is known as the spike alternative App function, but also to the application market, electricity providers, the cost of development of the enterprise, the cost of the customer what kind of far-reaching impact? Entrepreneurs are tangled: App or small program? In fact, the small program, the predecessor is the application number. In the WeChat open class held in January 11, 2016 on the PRO version, Zhang Xiaolong announced this year to launch the WeChat application, similar to the public, when users pay attention to an application, like the installation of a APP, users find the public number when it’s like looking for a APP. In September 22nd, the application number renamed "apps", for the first time online, one appearance maxed out my circle of friends. Ma Huateng has revealed that the name is because Apple is not allowed to use the application number. At that time only 200 open beta places, it is said that a small program of WeChat online account even up to 3 million. In Zhang Xiaolong’s vision, small programs like App Store, when the user is concerned about a small program, you do not need to install a App. In a small program, the user can achieve some of the basic demands of App. For example, some users will buy tickets in WeChat wallet, train tickets, rather than to download a software is not commonly used to buy tickets. It is worth mentioning that this application number is usually not active to the user to send content to avoid harassment. As Zhang Xiaolong puts it, "a small program is a quiet existence, and it’s good to find it when you need it". However, more Internet entrepreneurs are very tangled, on the one hand, WeChat small program will reduce the cost of App development; on the other hand, they are worried that WeChat will completely replace the small program App. WeChat small program quite a functional public number, can bring a lot of convenience for users. For example, the phone can download and install some software, usually open the frequency is not high software, you can use a small program instead. For App Lei相关的主题文章: