Wednesday’s game 011 analysis Farewell to

On Wednesday 011 SMG analysis: Pig war Germany win gift farewell Wednesday 011 international tournament in Germany VS Finland 2016-09-01 02:45: 13 degree weather sunny situation: the German team in Germany this summer’s European Cup performance is acceptable, group phase 2 wins 1 flat unbeaten promotion, the first round of the playoffs three balls to win in Slovakia, 1/4 finals on penalty kicks out of the old although stop rivals Italy in the semi-finals to host the French team in front of him, but for one of the new old alternate Germany team, this achievement is not easy, the European Cup after coach Loew to stay on, the training list, little overall change in the team, Hummel J, Hoewedes and Mustafi worked in the European Cup players selected again, and the midfield, and Khedira and Mesut Ozil cross schurrle all included Brent Hollander, the striker, and others are familiar faces, very familiar with the situation between the players, the German team without running, but the game was the veteran midfielder Schweinsteiger’s farewell game, believe that Germany will with a victory for the national team career perfect end. Finland situation: Finland’s strength is mediocre, the team has been away from the intercontinental competition for many years, in last year’s European Cup, the Finland team won only 3 wins 3 flat 4 negative, including in the Faroe Islands who got two victories, fighting is not trustworthy, but after entering in 2016, Finland participated in the team 6 warm-up matches, only 1 flat 5 negative achievements, during the 5 game opponent was zero closure, averaging up to 2.33, the offense is too weak, after this visit against the powerful Its loopholes appeared one after another., the German tanks, the team to fight back. One track: two teams twice recently clash race record, the German team twice and rival tie. The game analysis of SMG: let the ball Shengping Fu played out Lord let two ball pattern, to reflect the home team advantage, German team in Finland, the training team has also recruited most of the main players, the game is still visible to more attention, the disc to the Lord let the ball half ball water started. The plate water level decline sharply by injection, having many companies rise disk main let two ball pattern, and the scale trend is consistent, his company very mainstream compensate data aggregation, positive transition should belong to the advantage of the move, the game victory over the German team on hand, SMG let the ball Shengping Fu played his radio advice.

周三竞彩011分析:小猪告别战 德国赢球献礼周三011 国际赛 德国VS芬兰 2016-09-01 02:45 天气:13度 晴天 德国近况: 德国队在今年夏天的欧洲杯中表现尚可,小组赛2胜1平不败晋级,淘汰赛首轮三球完胜斯洛伐克,四分之一决赛依靠点球大战淘汰老对手意大利,虽然在半决赛中止步于东道主法国队身前,但是对于这支处于新老交替的德国队来说,这个成绩也较为不易,欧洲杯过后,主帅勒夫得以留任,本次集训名单,球队的整体变动不大,胡梅尔斯、赫韦德斯和穆斯塔菲等一干参加了欧洲杯的球员再度入选,而中场方面克罗斯、厄齐尔和赫迪拉以及许尔勒悉数入选,前锋线上的布兰特、霍兰德等人也都是熟悉面孔,球员彼此之间十分熟悉的情况下,德国队无需磨合,而且本场比赛是中场老将施魏因斯泰格的告别之战,相信德国队会用一场胜利来为其国家队生涯划上完美的句号。 芬兰近况: 芬兰队的实力较为平庸,球队已经阔别洲际大赛多年,在去年的欧洲杯预选赛中,芬兰队仅仅取得3胜3平4负的成绩,其中在法罗群岛身上拿到两场胜利,战斗力不值得信赖,而且进入2016年后,芬兰队参加了6场热身赛,仅仅取得了1平5负的成绩,期间有5场比赛遭到对手零封,场均失球达到2.33个,进攻端过于疲软,后防漏洞百出,此番做客面对实力强大的德国战车,球队难有还手之力。 交锋往绩: 两队最近两次正式比赛交锋记录,德国队两次和对手打成平局。 比赛分析: 竞彩让球胜平负玩法开出主让两球的格局,中肯的体现了主队优势,德国队的实力远在芬兰之上,本次集训球队又招入大部分主力球员,可见对本场比赛还是较为重视,亚盘以主让球半 两球中水起步,受注后上盘水位急剧走低,后市多家公司升盘主让两球格局,和标盘走势一致,欧赔主流公司的主胜数据十分凝聚,此举应属主队优势的正向过渡,本场比赛看好德国队大胜对手,竞彩让球胜平负玩法建议单选主胜。相关的主题文章: