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What is the feeling at the moment is what many fans feel at the moment? Q: what is the sense of many at the moment? Answer: if we for all people are not satisfied with the idea, there is resentment, this is a very heavy karma. Jealousy, hurt, hurt the most serious is the destruction of all Dharma body and wisdom life is destroyed, all have the opportunity. "We will launch the book" Bodhisattva said, there are two people for preaching master envy, to find ways to destroy, not the root of the spread of rumors, let some believers lose confidence in the lecture is not to listen to the master, so, the method will be to destroy it. It is said that the Buddha made we will fall into hell for eighteen million years, this is the retribution. Eighteen million years is our earthly time, and hell on earth is the time difference, the feeling in the hell is the eons, every day. In our opinion the world is eighteen million years, the fruit is too heavy, why build this industry? What’s good for yourself? A real awareness of the people, he never slander, but rejoice with praise, rejoice in the merit of boundless blessings, that is endless; so good at the moment, a boundless bitter lost.相关的主题文章: