What William Feng Feng Xiaogang Deng Chao won the Huang Bo winning actor flowers synnex

What William Feng Feng Xiaogang Deng Chao won the Huang Bo winning actor flowers? The Sina entertainment Luo Jun prize from the column water fertilizer results, the last night of the thirty-third popular movie Hundred Flowers Award, a Chinese movie magic night. William Feng defeated the Golden Horse winner Feng Xiaogang, Wang Huang Bo, acting Film Festival winner Deng Chao, won the award winner, this result, one can expect? Li Yifeng with "old gun" won the best supporting actor, Yang Yingping "dragon tactic" won the best supporting actress, there is also controversy. Film Festival Awards dispute two. Is a professional and standard public controversy, is the eyes of the public hot sacked, but in the professional opinion, this result is not disputed, can not go wrong. The other is from the professional to the public do not understand, this result is how to produce, people are terrified, originally we thought that the finalists are controversial one, so excellent to take acting award! Over the years we have seen a lot of changes in the domestic film awards. In the early years, there was a slight controversy, but in recent years, with the controversy over the outcome of the various awards, the public has become more and more tolerant. But last night’s win, still broke the public bottom line of common sense. The audience consisted of jury site selection, is actually the "I am" new song "China method singer" and other musical variety of the top prize, the problem is relatively large compared with the music competition program audience Jury Award, the audience judges, only 101 people. I just want to ask: if William Feng won the Popularity Award, the result can be obtained without any problems, he is the winner, then the "Wolf Totem" in William Feng’s performance, can really represent the highest level of film performing China? China movie, really entering a small meat era? Small meat won the comprehensive acting awards are you sure this is not a China movie magic story? From a professional point of view, the most important thing is not William Feng, who beat the beat of Li Yifeng, but who they beat in the film in which the performance of the people who beat the. So William Feng "Wolf Totem" in the show who beat the show? Deng Chao "scorching sun burning heart", "old gun son", "dear" by Huang Bo, "catching the demon" by the "of the devil" by the author of "the old man" by "the old man", and "the heart of the sun" by the young man of the sun and the earth by the sun. "" "" ". Seeking truth from facts, William Feng in the "Wolf Totem" in the show, well. Compared with its past performance in the movie, the movement has caused the show, can be said to be a reborn, especially "dances with Wolves" passages, the delicate beauty of extra points. But now is not China selection film performance leap progress award, the award is not the award, the award winner is now. What is the actor class performance? Behind these three, are. Deng Chao in the "heart" in the sun burning performance, compared with powerful external anxious heart pain, making it the Deng Chao film the most complex, the most thrilling role personality inherent tension. This is the actor class performance. Huang Bo in the "dear" in the show, completely off the traces of comedy, the whole mood of the play is the surface calm相关的主题文章: