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Wonderful provisions: female employees must queue up every night to kiss the boss, the boss is too shameless! A TV program survey of young people in Japan on Chinese impression, a Japanese young man said: brother sorry motherland, unworthy of their nationality, but also to fellow drag! Your brother asked how poor? Tell your brother: now I can not afford to go Dutch, I invented a AAB system, you are AA, I B a shy face. But the brother is poor, did not dare not to do big things to buddha. 3, a man of less than the age of Hangzhou over the Lingyin Temple fence in, from the wishes of the pool fishing coins, loaded into their bags. A few minutes later, straight away. Since then, the police, in the face of the police inquiry, the man said that his money was spent, they played the idea of wishing pool. Subsequently, the police picked up the five hundred or six hundred coins of the man returned to Lingyin Temple. Buddha Purdue, those, but not only save you a person, suddenly took five hundred or six hundred Buddha will be angry. Should go to the pagoda, where to pick up one day, can buy a house in Hangzhou. Buddhist person to the Buddha of money is not a Buddhist people to go fishing, but please brother desire down, after all is not implemented here if the Buddha can come true, brother also want to please Buddha give me a holiday to be paid indefinitely. 1, Zhengzhou City, Dengfeng Shaolin Temple scenic area parking caught a thief near, and surrendered to the police station Shaolin, after hearing that, Deng at the age of 37, and its accomplices "bad" went to Dengfeng, two people from a car theft of a pack of cigarettes and 9 dollars, will be the visitors in desperation, they scattered. Deng also asked the police: Eleven do you have a holiday? The police Milo tears ran not because you work overtime. This is embarrassing…… Originally, we stick to the first line in the post. Why from the thief’s words, brother read to the police Milo warm concern? But even if the feelings of sincere, the thief’s IQ, only 9 dollars level. Today, brother wallet absolutely empty does not say, even all the feelings of life as a dog. Such a kiss, let a person warm, but the following "kiss" let brother angry! Recently, the network crazy pass a film, a company’s boss every morning to kiss the female employees in order to boost employee morale. It is reported that this is a Beijing beer machine sales company, the company provides 9 every morning to 9:30 is to establish the feelings of the special time of " ". The boss said, will have this kind of idea, he saw a company in the United States is to do so, after the implementation of the company’s centripetal force and cohesion are very good, he went out there will be a female employee micro letter to him, and he and video chat. Cohesion is not enough, male employees have to kiss the boss. Is the first time to see the brother of sexual harassment in the workplace to say so, the blood, and take candid work in just ways! Well, brother now resigned to start time? Also have to say that these silly girl, so many companies do not have to go to the boss mouth? Some people do not rely on their handsome, on the feelings of not serious. Sichuan Yibin police Yang meat had a cover of "Nanshan south" popular network, handsome appearance attracted a number of female friends love. Recently, the network exposed Yang at the same time and more than a dozen girls, the name of him相关的主题文章: