Wuhan University for postgraduate students for a custom dubbed Curve Wrecker seats meyou

Wuhan University for postgraduate students for a custom dubbed Curve Wrecker for a signed letter of commitment, a student card and the card number, ready to graduate students can successfully apply for a seat in the real name system, these will not be taken away the seat was dubbed the "Curve Wrecker seat". The day before, Wuchang Shouyi university library to the students "custom" 598 real name system attracted hot seat. It is reported that the real name system for payment of a total of 598 seats, respectively, in the school of autonomous learning center and South Branch Library, mainly for school students and 2016 school graduates graduate students, and not I: this year to use or for three or more consecutive days without the use of seat students will automatically cancel the student’s name for seat, in order to protect other needy students. It is reported that the day of release, all real name seats will be applied for a vacant. Before this, the school library to take the "first come first serve" principle, after the use of various means of malicious occupation phenomenon, thus make new regulations. However, these real name seats released also attracted students questioned. 14 Cheng Ying journalism students that the previous public seats into today’s "personal seat", this "don’t feel so good". In this regard, the school district library director Duan Lihong explained, in fact, every library is to leave the seat for free reading of the students, autonomous learning center has 488 reading seats, 454 seats, the real name system; library has 382 reading seats, 144 seats in the real name system. With respect to the seat demand reading school students, the amount of the two seat seat rest plus the Central Library and the library is a branch of the total surplus; and the only choice of autonomous learning center and the South Branch as the real name system where the seat is out of the library, the museum book content considerations.

武汉高校为考研学生定制专座 被戏称为学霸专座   一份签名承诺书、一张学生证和对应的一卡通号码,准备考研的学生就可以顺利地申请办理一个实名制座位,这些不会被抢走的座位被戏称为“学霸专座”。日前,武昌首义学院图书馆给考研学生“定制”了598个实名制座位引来热议。   据悉,本次实名制座位共发放598个,分别在该校自主学习中心和南区图书馆分馆,主要面向全校应届考研学生及2016届留校考研学生,并规定:今年对不是本人使用或连续三天及以上未使用座位的同学,将自动取消该生的实名制座位,以保障其他有需要的学生。   据悉,发放当天,所有实名制座位便被申领一空。在这之前,该校图书馆采取“先到先坐”原则,之后出现了使用各种手段恶意占座的现象,由此订立新规。然而,这些实名制座位的出炉也引来学生质疑。新闻学14级的程莹同学认为,以前的公共座位变成了如今的“个人专座”,“这种感觉不太好”。   对此,该校中区图书馆主任段莉虹解释,其实每一个图书馆都是留有座位给自由阅览的同学的,自主学习中心共有488个阅览座位,实名制座位454个;南区图书馆共有382个阅览座位,实名制座位144个。相对于学校的学生阅读座位需求量来说,这两个图书馆剩下的座位量加上中区分馆和总图书馆的座位量是有富余的;而只选择自主学习中心和南区分馆作为实名制座位所在图书馆,是出于对各馆书籍内容的考量。相关的主题文章: