Xiamen’s first sacrifice right battle for the elderly remains frozen nearly half a year (video) zngay

Xiamen’s first "sacrifice right" battle for the elderly remains frozen nearly half of Taiwan network October 10th news (reporter Chen Jie correspondent Si Fawen Tao Xiaomo Herald comics) without the consent of the deceased son, close relatives have the right to cremation? Recently, Siming District Court sued for "Uncle nephew with sacrifice right" lawsuit. It is reported that the old man was killed because of the old man died of smoke choked smoke. The old man died, the body was frozen nearly half a year, his son long delay, old brother Kanbuxiaqu, help cremation. Unexpectedly, the uncle nephew was on the court. Herald reporter learned that the case is the case for Xiamen to pay homage to the right "triggered by the lawsuit. The sacrifice right, is not only the dead son alone? Without the consent of the deceased son, the eldest brother has no right to cremation? To solve these problems, my nephew and uncle are hotly contested in court. Plaintiff: "my dad was cremated, I don’t know!" "Without my consent, without my knowledge, they will be without my father’s cremation!" In March this year, the plaintiff Kobayashi (a pseudonym) the uncle and a funeral service center on the court, he said, the defendant not only without cremation, the ashes of the Father also handled privately, resulting in an only child he not only unable to bid farewell to his father, even the most basic daily worship would have no place to worship. It is reported that, in the morning of July 22, 2015, Lin old man due to the rescue of the bus was choked by smoke and died, the body is stored in the defendant’s funeral home belongs to the funeral home. "Because the ashes have never been heard of since I couldn’t even worship the father." Kobayashi said, uncle and funeral center violating public order and social morality, brought him great mental anguish, against the interests of his personality. Therefore, the defendant Kobayashi Kiji shall bear tort liability, they should make a public apology, but also to pay 50 thousand yuan to return the ashes, "the spirit of solatium". Defendant: "are close relatives, have the right of disposition" however, facing his nephew’s prosecution, uncle pulled out Lin grandma attorney, said he was commissioned by the mother to help handle Cremation Funeral, also said he as the eldest brother, the whole family to assume responsibility, to do the funeral, not only in accordance with the the law, which our country public order and good customs. "The old lady, as the mother of the deceased, and the plaintiff as the next of kin to the deceased, have equal rights to the body." Uncle also said that he is not to deceive Kobayashi, Kobayashi but the doings so that they can’t go on. Originally, in July 2015, the old Lin in the work accident, his body was cremated in January 2016 formally. According to the uncle said, these 165 days, the old Lin remains frozen in the funeral home, also do not see Lin presided over the cremation burial, also produced remains frozen fee of up to 15832 yuan, this let the dead how laid to rest? Uncle said, Kobayashi delays for the remains of the deceased funeral, hoping to get more compensation, such behavior is contrary to filial piety, violation of public order and good customs. Therefore, the uncle that right and obligation should be relative, the plaintiff is not filial piety, do not enjoy the sacrifice right. Step back and say, even if he enjoys the sacrifice right, pay homage to the form;相关的主题文章: