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Xi’an metro line three travel Raiders: there are shuttle bus line three subway train chief reporter in metro line three Zhang Yuming photo Hamlet metro line three station to our attention the "celestial" — Xi’an metro line three to 12 noon today officially opened the trial operation. Today, the beauty of the world park, Qinglong cherry, wild goose pagoda fountain…… Is line three series, let you see as far as the day. Line three from fish of the village to one-way international port district for 65 minutes, full fare 8 yuan. Metro line three is Xi’an city rail transit network in the southwest to the northeast to the backbone, two construction across the board, a project for the fish of the village to the international port section, the line length of 39.15 km, including 11.6 km elevated line. Lines are passing through four development zone, Xi’an national hi tech Industrial Development Zone, Xi’an Yanta District, Qujiang District, Beilin District, new city, Weiyang District, Xi’an Chanba ecological zone, Xi’an international port district and four administrative districts. The distribution of Xi’an hi tech Industrial Development Zone, a financial district, the big wild goose pagoda, Jinhua Road Business District, Chan Ba ecological park and other large passenger distribution point for the central city of Xi’an northeast to southwest to the main flow passage. The first phase project of line three (fish of the village to the international port district) a total of 26 stations, including 19 underground stations; 7 elevated stations, respectively, taohuatanzhen station, central station, BA Xiang Lake Bay station, Wu Zhuang station, the international port district station, double walled station, new building station. After the completion of the opening line three and line one or two will be at the Tonghua gate station, Xiaozhai station interchange, the main frame of the Xi’an urban rail transit network. Three line after the opening of the trial operation is expected to be higher than the first line of passenger line, below the line two, while driving the number one or two line passenger traffic increased by about 30%, the average daily passenger flow will reach about. Xi’an third open trial operation of the subway line, marking the city of Xi’an rapid rail transit backbone network officially entered the network operation and new development and construction stage. It is understood that the three line opened early days and non working day two sets a timetable, respectively according to the characteristics of passenger flow set high, low peak period, in case of major events, holidays, bad weather, according to the configuration of the passenger flow forecast peak capacity under different. Daily working plan on-line 29+1 column, 2 spare columns, non working day plan on-line 27+1 column, 2 spare columns; one-way train (fish of the village – bonded area) the running time is 65 minutes; operation time for 6:00 – 23:00, 17 hours. In addition, fish of the village the first bus station 6:10, bus 23:00; bonded area of the first bus station 6:00, bus 22:40. There are three types of platforms and metro line 21 station for the island of all the different stations, line 26, there are 6 stations in the station for the side of the platform, the station for the Islands station platform, the station for the island platform of the 19 stations, the station for the island of the type of platform, the platform for the island of the 1 stations. Citizens should pay attention to the direction of the station when the subway. Pay attention to elevated station taohuatanzhen station, central station, Ba Wu Zhuang station, the international port district station, double walled station, new building station a total of 6 stations for the elevated station side platform, and a line on the North Street station, textile city station the same pattern, special attention is paid to passengers in the train must look at the corner相关的主题文章: