Xiantao rural road maintenance obligations sixty elderly 30 years as one day660003

Xiantao rural road maintenance obligations sixty elderly 30 years as one daily for Zhou Hualin on his way to fill potholes on the road bumpy, a sixty old man, driving an electric tricycle, waving a shovel, pick, from time to time to stop on the road to the pit filled. To let the past go comfortable ", his 30 years as one day in September 25th, adhere to the road maintenance obligations, the author was the way to look for the" contemporary man". A tricycle, a shovel, pick Zhou Hualin inseparable working tools. He gets up at three or four every morning and arrives at the front road before dawn. Summer, braving the sun sweating; winter, the snow stopped, he would carry a shovel and pick on the road, clear icy road, face and hands are frozen cracked. In 2016, the new year’s day, when people are immersed in the new year’s happy atmosphere, Zhou Hualin at 2 in the morning on the road, a hard work for 6 days, and finally filled the road of large and small pits, the village people and past drivers are touched his behavior. Zhou Hualin told the author that he had been in business in Hanzheng Street and had been on the beach, and his business was also small. In 2000, the business was handed over to the daughters in law and managed to return home to bring their grandchildren, grow acres of land, and enjoy their old age. A shuttle bus and other children in the granddaughter, see the school bus in disrepair and bumpy road, sitting in the car on the children with body shaking nervous and frightened eyes, his heart tightened, the shade for these kids to do a bit of what the idea of certain ideas, returned home with with his wife, spent 3000 yuan to buy a small electric tricycle and shovel, pick and other tools, to meet the site near the site, dumping of construction waste brick and stone, with a tricycle to pull back, before the pathway (the only access to the city of the village road) along the road is filled, met with protruding part pick plane. From then on, I am busy on this road. "What do you of these things, the children let you come back to enjoy, don’t you name or money so hard, for what……" His wife is quite puzzled, repeatedly complaining about Zhou Hualin. Zhou Hualin was a muscle, particularly bad place to see immediately carry on shovel, pick to repair, this stick is 30 years. Asked about the 30 years adhere to the village road maintenance of the mind, Zhou Hualin even said he is not impulsive, roads are public welfare undertakings, now the party’s policy, I don’t have to worry, do not worry about clothes, affluent life, only for the children in the car less bumpy bitter. In addition, the maintenance of highways also exercise." Zhou Hualin laughed and laughed. Now the rural farming implement mechanized operation, some road field due to mechanical driving is uneven, Zhou Hualin often took a shovel, to the fields around the uneven pavement encounter with a spade digging fill, obtained favorable agricultural machinery driver and villagers of gratitude and praise. "Older, sometimes powerless, especially the route is long, crushed by the car more places……" Now more than 60 years old Zhou Hualin said in the interview, now the road often heavy car from here, although he daily maintenance, but the vehicle rolling every day, or busy. His sense of achievement!

仙桃六旬老人义务养护乡村路 30多年如一日 图为周华林在填平路上的坑洼   坑坑洼洼的路上,一位六旬老人,开着电动三轮车、挥着铁锹、洋镐,不时停步将路上的坑填平。为让“过往的人走得舒服”,他30多年如一日坚持道路义务养护,9月25日,笔者一路辗转,寻访到了这位“当代愚公”。   一辆电动三轮车、一把铁锹、洋镐就是周华林形影不离的劳动工具。他每天早上三四点钟就起床,天还没亮就到达前通路上,一干就是一整天。夏天,顶着骄阳汗流浃背;冬天,雪一停,他就扛着镐和锹上路,清除结冰路面,手和脸都冻得裂开了口子。2016年大年初二,当人们还沉浸在新年的欢乐气氛中时,周华林凌晨2点就奋战在路上,整整苦干了6天,终于填平了路上大大小小的坑,村里的人和过往的司机无不感动他的行为。   周华林告诉笔者,他曾在汉正街经商摆过地滩,生意上也算小有成绩。2000年把生意交给儿媳们打点回到家乡带孙女,种几亩地、安享晚年。一次在送孙女等接送幼儿的校车,看到校车在年久失修的路颠簸而来,坐在车上的孩子们随着车身晃动紧张而惊恐的眼神,他的心紧缩了,荫生了该为这些孩子们做一点什么的念头,主意一定,回到家跟老伴商量,花3000元买了一辆小型电动三轮车及铁锹、洋镐等工具,到附近一些工地,遇到工地倾倒的建筑垃圾砖、石等,用三轮车拉回来,在前通路(唯一一条通往城区的村路)沿途填补,遇到路面较凸出部分就用洋镐刨平。从此,就在这条路上忙碌着。“你多这些事干什么,孩子们让你回来享享福,你不图名不图利这样辛苦,为的啥……”老伴颇为不解,多次埋怨周华林。可周华林却“一根筋”,见到路特别烂的地方就立马扛上铁锹、洋镐去维修,这一坚持就是30多年。   问及30多年坚持养护村路的初衷,周华林连称自己并非一时冲动,修路是公益事业,现在党的政策好,我不愁吃、不愁穿,生活富裕,只为了孩子们在车上少受颠簸之苦。“况且维修公路还锻炼身体。”周华林嘿嘿一笑地调侃道。   现在农村种地都实行机械化操作,田间的一些道路因机械行驶更是坑洼不平,周华林经常带着一把铁锹,到田里转悠,遇到不平整的路面就用铁锹修挖填补,得到了农机驾驶员和乡亲们的一致感激和赞誉。   “年纪大了有时候力不从心,特别是路线又长,被车辆碾坏的地方多……”现已60多岁的周华林在采访中透露,现在路上经常有重车从这里经过,虽然他天天养护,但车辆天天碾压还是忙不过来。   他的事迹感动了周边认识他的人,他本人2016年初,被乡亲们一致推举为小组组长。他没有过多的话语,30年如一日的坚守,他担负起“义务养路工”的工作,想的始终是给别人带来通行方便,从没考虑过自己的得失,从未向任何人寻求过帮助。   坚守是一种品格,也是一种力量。周华林老人不仅传递的是正能量,同样也在传递着无私奉献的大爱精神。   30多年的坚守,他配得上“六旬愚公”的称号。有一句歌词唱得好“只要人人献出一点爱,世界将变成美好的人间,笔者相信,在周华林的感召下,一定会有更多的人加入到这种“善小而为之”的行列中来,把正能量传递得更广更远!相关的主题文章: