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Xiong Jinqiu: listed companies raising buy financial products should not promote the national investment competition: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the original title: listed companies raising buy financial products should not be promoted [cash] for a fine literary style (or the equivalent of cash securities) Company, to be suspended delisting. Xiong Jinqiu, according to statistics, this year there are 663 listed companies has announced the purchase of financial products, involving a total number of financial products reached 6540, a total subscription amount has exceeded 540 billion yuan, while some listed companies increased fund-raising, while buy financial. The author believes that the regulatory authorities should tighten the refinancing of listed companies and the use of policies to raise funds to prevent listed companies waste valuable resources. At the end of 2012, the Commission issued the "regulatory guidelines listed company No. second – listed companies to raise funds management and use of regulatory requirements", the provisions of listed companies to raise funds can be temporarily idle cash management ", of course, investment products must meet the" high security "and other conditions. Also according to this provision, idle funds can be used to buy financial products; and in the "guidelines" issued, listed companies to buy financial products, only the company’s own idle funds can not be used to raise funds. But the problem also caused, to raise funds to buy financial products. After the opening, more and more cases in this field, used to finance capital accounted for the proportion of the total raised gold investment is also more and more high, some listed companies to buy financial products, and even become the main industry, this year a total of 5 listed companies, the total investment amount of more than financial products in addition to 10 billion yuan, net profit of some listed companies mainly rely on financial products revenue. Since the listed companies to raise funds idle, why did they raise so much money? Investors want to invest in stocks, is higher than bank deposits, bank financial income, listed companies to raise substantial funds to invest in financial products, even the main profit depends on financial products, that investors buy stocks what their financial products do not have to buy directly. The current difficulties in financing, financing costs, which is restricted to some social bottlenecks in the development of enterprises, listed companies to raise funds from investors, no debt, this should be the absolute advantage of enterprises bigger and stronger as soon as possible, to create more wealth return investors, listed companies will have valuable capital to buy financial products, is a huge waste the capital resources, is off the real to the imaginary, which must be strictly regulated. The root cause of the problem is that the current system of refinancing of listed companies and the use of funds to raise the system also lost Yu Kuan, lost in the loose, lost in the soft. According to statistics, before September this year, A shares of IPO financing amount is 77 billion yuan, while private placement (cash) financing amounted to 917 billion 700 million yuan; the regulatory authorities strictly on IPO, the refinancing is almost no threshold, the loss problems of enterprises can private placement, some listed companies and private placement object agreement, mutual support, A shares the amount of refinancing market is the potential hurricane. On the other hand, idle funds to buy financial products can be used to buy a dozen相关的主题文章: