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Yibin Series in Beijing – and Harbin Sohu recently skewers in Beijing fire up, while Yibin is still unknown to the public string. In fact, Yibin is also quite distinctive string, which is Yibin barbecue. Yibin barbecue mainly in Yibin, Chengdu and Chongqing, in Beijing, Tianjin is really rare. Search on the Internet, Yibin barbecue, the largest number of Yibin, accounting for more than 50%, and then Chengdu, accounting for 31%; then Chongqing, accounting for up to $2, then add up to less than 1%. The Yibin barbecue in Beijing is absolutely super small, but this does not mean that is not good. Mutton string must point, 20 yuan and a string of 2, an average of a string of $10; if it is a small waist than Wangjing, cheap. Mushroom, mushroom and baked after pepper Oh, similar Pan-Seared Green Chili Pepper corn grain series, is absolutely sell hard-earned money…… 15 a meat dumplings, seems to be more common in the Hot pot…… Small waist, feel less than Wangjing’s poor wing need to chew slowly to taste the Sichuan hot dog sausage skins…… Looks nice on the whole, the feeling is quite local characteristics of a series of stores, with other types of string, can see. Name: string.相关的主题文章: