Yunnan police to confiscate illegal guns and explosives destroyed

Yunnan police seized illegal guns explosives were destroyed – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Kunming September 29th news (reporter Sun Min, Wang Yan) recently, Yunnan police organization many illegal guns to the public security organs of confiscated explosives were destroyed. Only 28 of the Kunming police destroyed the gun on the more than 2 thousand, the 16 thousand control tools. After the cutting and rolling of professional equipment, these illegal gun explosives are broken down one by one, and eventually become a pile of waste. Kunming City Public Security Bureau Guandu branch 27, in recent years the confiscated firearms rule explosion in the special action of the 580 kilograms of explosives and detonators were destroyed more than 10000. It is understood that this year, Kunming city public security organs at all levels of breaking cases involving firearms and explosives since 120, criminal Department 128, order punishment 118, destroyed the illegal trafficking of firearms and ammunition, explosives dens 5, remove the network involving firearms and explosives illegal information 988, seized homemade guns, imitation guns and other firearms 1537, knives 14143, all 77565 bullets; seized 12329 kilograms of explosives, 45725 detonators etc.. The collection is the masses of their own modified nail gun." Kunming City Public Security Bureau police detachment police package Xiang, modified personnel with these guns in the field of illegal hunting of wild animals. Some people have their own collection of old gun or gun powder. He said that the day of action once again shows that the public security organs to clean up illegal firearms and ammunition confiscated explosives, and resolutely crack down on the attitude and determination of the crime involved in the crime of firearms and explosives. Lincang border patrol police on the 28 day in the south of Zhenkang County town of umbrella public destruction of 919 guns. The local police began to send a large number of officers and border area of villages to carry out in-depth publicity of laws and regulations involving firearms and explosives since July 25th, during which the masses clues 255, the initiative turned over all kinds of more than 2600 guns. Previously, the relevant departments in Yunnan province has issued a notice: in December 31st of this year before the surrender or surrendered illegal dangerous explosive materials, public security organs will promptly consult local Procuratorate, the court shall be given a lighter or mitigated punishment or be exempted from punishment; otherwise it will be severely punished according to law.相关的主题文章: