Zheng Dong New Road 45 pits 10 years shortage reasons under the tunnel (video)-cibi

Zheng Dong New Road 45 pits 10 years shortage of reasons: a tunnel under the trees no pits in long grass. Reporter correspondent Zhu Jian Wen Chun news not digging trees, etc. What? Take a walk to the Zheng Dong new business circle, many people find that, there is a road on the sidewalk pits already dug, but no trees, other sections of the trees have long to thick here, but I saw no tree pit. According to the surrounding residents, the sections of the 45 pits dug for 10 years, but I just don’t see trees, often pedestrians accidentally fell into the pits of fall, not only safe, the appearance is not beautiful. Reporters learned that the investigation, originally under subgrade tunnel, not suitable for planting trees, the garden department will be placed in the hole above the wooden flowerpot, instead of trees. Yesterday, the reporters came to the Zheng Dong new business loop, found in the business and business loop West Third Street intersection, a neat row of pits, business loop on the sidewalk roughly one, a total of 45 pits. These pits are square, length and width of about 1 meters, each hole is about 3 meters away. How many big pits full of weeds, some pits filled garbage. This scene is not in harmony with the lush surrounding environment. "Ten years, has not seen trees, do not know what happened."." A nearby resident, perennial keep these pits is a huge security risk, a lot of people here to walk at night, often people do not pay attention to caikong foot in fall, but it is very beautiful, I hope as soon as possible on a tree. Looking ahead, the same way the trees have mostly to long sized thick, but this section does not see the trees. In this connection, the reporter consulted the Zhengzhou digital city management service hotline, the staff in the understanding of the situation after said, originally is indeed planning to plant trees, but later planning to build four weft road in the embankment below the tunnel under the road tunnel, distance too close, can not guarantee the trees grow, won’t be in accordance with the original plan to plant trees. Now, the weft four road tunnel was opened, Zheng Dong New District Bureau of parks will be placed in the hole above the wooden flowerpot for planting flowers. At present, the work is being prepared, the pot will soon cover the posts, pits. Video: Yunnan railway tunnel exit near Yunxian section collapsed and 6 people were trapped today: Henan thermal "seeds of life" father donated relief Chongqing 5 year old girl today hot news: Pingdingshan 8 year old girl lost thousands of users of WeChat search 22 hours relay to improve the transfer limit of Luohe city people cheated nearly twenty thousand yuan hit a village in Pingyu to find a foreign daughter-in-law two deaf son cheated 120 thousand cailiqian man in Anyang looking for work flow of a late hit 7 car theft into the property were removed from married his girlfriend after breaking up people encounter problems

郑东新区一路段45个树坑荒10年 原因:下有隧道树坑内没有种树,长了野草。□记者朱建豪文图本报讯挖坑不种树,等啥呢?到郑东新区商务外环路散步,很多市民发现,有一段道路人行道上的树坑早就挖好了,却没有种树,其他路段的行道树都已长到碗口粗,这边却只见坑不见树。据周边居民介绍,该路段45个树坑挖好已经10年了,但就是不见种树,时常有行人不小心掉到树坑摔伤,不仅不安全,也不美观。记者调查了解到,原来是路基下方有隧道,不适宜种树,园林部门将会在树坑上方摆放木箱式花盆,替代种树。昨日,记者来到郑东新区商务外环路,在商务外环路与商务西三街交叉口发现,商务外环路人行道上有一排整齐的树坑,大略一数,共计45个树坑。这些树坑呈正方形,长宽约有1米,每个树坑相距约3米。树坑大多长满野草,有的树坑内堆满生活垃圾。这一场景与郁郁葱葱的周边环境很不协调。“十年了,一直没见种树,不知道咋回事。”附近一位居民介绍,常年留着这些树坑是个巨大的安全隐患,这里晚上散步的人很多,时常有人不注意就踩空,脚踏进去就摔倒了,而且很不美观,希望尽快种上树。放眼望去,同一条路上的行道树大多已经长到碗口粗,唯独这一路段不见树木。就此,记者咨询了郑州数字化城管服务热线,工作人员在了解情况之后介绍说,原本的确规划的是要种树,但后来又规划要在路基下面修建纬四路下穿隧道,路面距离隧道太近,无法保障树木生长,就没法再按照原先的规划来种树。现在,纬四路隧道已经通车,郑东新区园林局将会在树坑上方摆放木箱式花盆,用于种植花草。目前,该工作正在筹备中,花盆将很快上岗,盖住树坑。相关视频: 云南大临铁路云县段隧道出口坍塌 6人被困 今日热图:河南爸爸捐献“生命种子” 救助重庆5岁小女孩今日热闻:平顶山8岁女孩走失 千名网友微信接力寻人22小时为提高转账限额 漯河市民打被骗近两万元平舆一村民给俩聋哑儿子找外籍媳妇 被骗12万彩礼钱男子安阳找工作不顺 一晚砸7辆汽车盗窃为结婚女友成房产共有人 分手后除名遭遇难题相关的主题文章: